[Skiboot] [PATCH v2 2/4] secvar: Make `validate_esl_list` iterate through esl chain

Nayna nayna at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Fri Jul 2 03:34:56 AEST 2021

On 6/28/21 3:37 PM, Nick Child wrote:
> Currently, the loop in validate_esl_list is not iterating through the ESL
> entries. As a consequence, all of entries after the first are not being
> validated and can contain any data. In order to iterate, the pointer to the
> esl buffer must be incremented by the amount of already read bytes.
> This commit also adds a new test case and file. The file is
> `multipletrimmedKEK.h` the array is very similar to the one in `trimmedKEK.h`
> except this one only has an invalid ESL as the second ESL in the chain. This
> then tests the condition that this commit tests because only the second ESL
> is invalid.
> Signed-off-by: Nick Child <nick.child at ibm.com>
> Reviewed-by: Daniel Axtens <dja at axtens.net>
> ---
>   libstb/secvar/backend/edk2-compat-process.c  |   5 +-
>   libstb/secvar/test/data/multipletrimmedKEK.h | 225 +++++++++++++++++++
>   libstb/secvar/test/secvar-test-edk2-compat.c |  16 ++
>   3 files changed, 243 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
>   create mode 100644 libstb/secvar/test/data/multipletrimmedKEK.h
> diff --git a/libstb/secvar/backend/edk2-compat-process.c b/libstb/secvar/backend/edk2-compat-process.c
> index e1101a4c..7d83c912 100644
> --- a/libstb/secvar/backend/edk2-compat-process.c
> +++ b/libstb/secvar/backend/edk2-compat-process.c
> @@ -260,11 +260,10 @@ int validate_esl_list(const char *key, const char *esl, const size_t size)
>   	int eslvarsize = size;
>   	int eslsize;
>   	int rc = OPAL_SUCCESS;
> -	int offset = 0;
>   	while (eslvarsize > 0) {
> -		prlog(PR_DEBUG, "esl var size size is %d offset is %d\n", eslvarsize, offset);
> +		prlog(PR_DEBUG, "esl var size size is %d offset is %lu\n", eslvarsize, size - eslvarsize);
>   		if (eslvarsize < sizeof(EFI_SIGNATURE_LIST))
>   			break;
> @@ -310,7 +309,7 @@ int validate_esl_list(const char *key, const char *esl, const size_t size)
>   		count++;
>   		/* Look for the next ESL */
> -		offset = offset + eslsize;
> +		esl = esl + eslsize;
>   		eslvarsize = eslvarsize - eslsize;
>   		free(data);
>   		/* Since we are going to allocate again in the next iteration */
> diff --git a/libstb/secvar/test/data/multipletrimmedKEK.h b/libstb/secvar/test/data/multipletrimmedKEK.h
> new file mode 100644
> index 00000000..bff93bf0
> --- /dev/null
> +++ b/libstb/secvar/test/data/multipletrimmedKEK.h
> @@ -0,0 +1,225 @@
> +unsigned char multipletrimmedKEK_auth[] = {
> +0xe4 ,0x07 ,0x09 ,0x0e ,0x0e ,0x37 ,0x12 ,0x00  ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00
> +,0xd3 ,0x05 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x02 ,0xf1 ,0x0e  ,0x9d ,0xd2 ,0xaf ,0x4a ,0xdf ,0x68 ,0xee ,0x49
> +,0x8a ,0xa9 ,0x34 ,0x7d ,0x37 ,0x56 ,0x65 ,0xa7  ,0x30 ,0x82 ,0x05 ,0xb7 ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86
> +,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7 ,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x07 ,0x02 ,0xa0  ,0x82 ,0x05 ,0xa8 ,0x30 ,0x82 ,0x05 ,0xa4 ,0x02
> +,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x31 ,0x0f ,0x30 ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x09  ,0x60 ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x01 ,0x65 ,0x03 ,0x04 ,0x02
> +,0x01 ,0x05 ,0x00 ,0x30 ,0x0b ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a  ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7 ,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x07 ,0x01
> +,0xa0 ,0x82 ,0x03 ,0xca ,0x30 ,0x82 ,0x03 ,0xc6  ,0x30 ,0x82 ,0x02 ,0xae ,0xa0 ,0x03 ,0x02 ,0x01
> +,0x02 ,0x02 ,0x09 ,0x00 ,0xda ,0xf3 ,0xf9 ,0x20  ,0x41 ,0x00 ,0xa8 ,0xeb ,0x30 ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x09
> +,0x2a ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7 ,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x01  ,0x0b ,0x05 ,0x00 ,0x30 ,0x78 ,0x31 ,0x0b ,0x30
> +,0x09 ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x06 ,0x13 ,0x02  ,0x55 ,0x53 ,0x31 ,0x0e ,0x30 ,0x0c ,0x06 ,0x03
> +,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x08 ,0x0c ,0x05 ,0x54 ,0x65 ,0x78  ,0x61 ,0x73 ,0x31 ,0x0f ,0x30 ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x03
> +,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x07 ,0x0c ,0x06 ,0x41 ,0x75 ,0x73  ,0x74 ,0x69 ,0x6e ,0x31 ,0x0c ,0x30 ,0x0a ,0x06
> +,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x0a ,0x0c ,0x03 ,0x49 ,0x42  ,0x4d ,0x31 ,0x0c ,0x30 ,0x0a ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55
> +,0x04 ,0x0b ,0x0c ,0x03 ,0x4c ,0x54 ,0x43 ,0x31  ,0x0b ,0x30 ,0x09 ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x03
> +,0x0c ,0x02 ,0x50 ,0x4b ,0x31 ,0x1f ,0x30 ,0x1d  ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7 ,0x0d
> +,0x01 ,0x09 ,0x01 ,0x16 ,0x10 ,0x6e ,0x61 ,0x79  ,0x6e ,0x6a ,0x61 ,0x69 ,0x6e ,0x40 ,0x69 ,0x62
> +,0x6d ,0x2e ,0x63 ,0x6f ,0x6d ,0x30 ,0x1e ,0x17  ,0x0d ,0x32 ,0x30 ,0x30 ,0x39 ,0x31 ,0x34 ,0x31
> +,0x35 ,0x35 ,0x30 ,0x32 ,0x30 ,0x5a ,0x17 ,0x0d  ,0x32 ,0x31 ,0x30 ,0x39 ,0x31 ,0x34 ,0x31 ,0x35
> +,0x35 ,0x30 ,0x32 ,0x30 ,0x5a ,0x30 ,0x78 ,0x31  ,0x0b ,0x30 ,0x09 ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x06
> +,0x13 ,0x02 ,0x55 ,0x53 ,0x31 ,0x0e ,0x30 ,0x0c  ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x08 ,0x0c ,0x05 ,0x54
> +,0x65 ,0x78 ,0x61 ,0x73 ,0x31 ,0x0f ,0x30 ,0x0d  ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x07 ,0x0c ,0x06 ,0x41
> +,0x75 ,0x73 ,0x74 ,0x69 ,0x6e ,0x31 ,0x0c ,0x30  ,0x0a ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x0a ,0x0c ,0x03
> +,0x49 ,0x42 ,0x4d ,0x31 ,0x0c ,0x30 ,0x0a ,0x06  ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x0b ,0x0c ,0x03 ,0x4c ,0x54
> +,0x43 ,0x31 ,0x0b ,0x30 ,0x09 ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55  ,0x04 ,0x03 ,0x0c ,0x02 ,0x50 ,0x4b ,0x31 ,0x1f
> +,0x30 ,0x1d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86  ,0xf7 ,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x09 ,0x01 ,0x16 ,0x10 ,0x6e
> +,0x61 ,0x79 ,0x6e ,0x6a ,0x61 ,0x69 ,0x6e ,0x40  ,0x69 ,0x62 ,0x6d ,0x2e ,0x63 ,0x6f ,0x6d ,0x30
> +,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x22 ,0x30 ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a  ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7 ,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x01
> +,0x05 ,0x00 ,0x03 ,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x0f ,0x00 ,0x30  ,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x0a ,0x02 ,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x00
> +,0xaf ,0xca ,0xd3 ,0xaa ,0xb0 ,0xc7 ,0xb5 ,0x2e  ,0x3b ,0x12 ,0x27 ,0x68 ,0x2d ,0x90 ,0x17 ,0xc4
> +,0x21 ,0x93 ,0x58 ,0x53 ,0xd7 ,0xa6 ,0x2f ,0x40  ,0xfa ,0x37 ,0x8e ,0x7a ,0x85 ,0x5b ,0xd3 ,0xa8
> +,0x9d ,0xac ,0xa1 ,0x6a ,0x52 ,0xeb ,0x07 ,0x05  ,0x8c ,0x74 ,0x00 ,0xbe ,0xa6 ,0x54 ,0x1b ,0x1d
> +,0x73 ,0xa9 ,0x41 ,0x67 ,0xfd ,0xd4 ,0xdb ,0xcd  ,0x49 ,0xed ,0x63 ,0x29 ,0x97 ,0xb5 ,0x6d ,0xea
> +,0x69 ,0xbc ,0x24 ,0x2c ,0x1b ,0x09 ,0x32 ,0x09  ,0x65 ,0x99 ,0xc4 ,0xd0 ,0x76 ,0x9a ,0x07 ,0xd9
> +,0x69 ,0x5e ,0x30 ,0xbe ,0x6f ,0x67 ,0x0b ,0xa4  ,0x90 ,0xe0 ,0x3e ,0xd7 ,0xf9 ,0xe8 ,0xb6 ,0x20
> +,0xc6 ,0xd8 ,0x4e ,0xfd ,0x7e ,0x3f ,0x6f ,0xf3  ,0x97 ,0x09 ,0x82 ,0xec ,0x81 ,0x53 ,0x10 ,0x32
> +,0x8c ,0xa8 ,0xfe ,0xf4 ,0x77 ,0x48 ,0x0d ,0x84  ,0x83 ,0x14 ,0xeb ,0xa4 ,0x75 ,0xaa ,0x30 ,0x03
> +,0x3a ,0xa5 ,0x54 ,0x7e ,0xb3 ,0x2e ,0x2b ,0x95  ,0xcf ,0x4d ,0x8c ,0x67 ,0x6d ,0xf1 ,0x48 ,0xc1
> +,0x96 ,0x0b ,0xb2 ,0x2d ,0x07 ,0x27 ,0x65 ,0xa3  ,0x3b ,0x96 ,0x76 ,0xc4 ,0xa9 ,0x2c ,0x65 ,0xcb
> +,0xa4 ,0xaf ,0x75 ,0xec ,0x7c ,0x90 ,0x3a ,0x8e  ,0x78 ,0xa6 ,0xa5 ,0x4a ,0x99 ,0x79 ,0x51 ,0x20
> +,0x60 ,0x67 ,0x9a ,0xc8 ,0x96 ,0x03 ,0xa1 ,0x98  ,0xfc ,0x88 ,0x24 ,0x50 ,0xaf ,0xb7 ,0x30 ,0xb7
> +,0x68 ,0x8a ,0x83 ,0xbc ,0x62 ,0xff ,0x93 ,0x70  ,0xc7 ,0x72 ,0xf3 ,0x95 ,0x48 ,0xf1 ,0x9c ,0x5e
> +,0x1a ,0x66 ,0x2e ,0xa1 ,0x1d ,0x4a ,0xf7 ,0x9d  ,0x04 ,0x52 ,0xdd ,0x19 ,0xfe ,0x1e ,0x4e ,0x2d
> +,0x9b ,0x9e ,0x6f ,0x7f ,0x0b ,0x93 ,0x0b ,0x3b  ,0x08 ,0x81 ,0x68 ,0x9b ,0x0d ,0x45 ,0xf7 ,0xd6
> +,0x75 ,0xf7 ,0xb6 ,0xbf ,0xa9 ,0x63 ,0x24 ,0xab  ,0x92 ,0x38 ,0x3a ,0xac ,0x04 ,0x69 ,0x14 ,0x7f
> +,0x02 ,0x03 ,0x01 ,0x00 ,0x01 ,0xa3 ,0x53 ,0x30  ,0x51 ,0x30 ,0x1d ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x1d ,0x0e
> +,0x04 ,0x16 ,0x04 ,0x14 ,0x89 ,0x84 ,0xb5 ,0xcf  ,0x3e ,0x9d ,0xde ,0xca ,0x8c ,0xc8 ,0x2d ,0xfe
> +,0x7e ,0xee ,0x66 ,0x79 ,0xeb ,0x21 ,0xfc ,0xe5  ,0x30 ,0x1f ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x1d ,0x23 ,0x04
> +,0x18 ,0x30 ,0x16 ,0x80 ,0x14 ,0x89 ,0x84 ,0xb5  ,0xcf ,0x3e ,0x9d ,0xde ,0xca ,0x8c ,0xc8 ,0x2d
> +,0xfe ,0x7e ,0xee ,0x66 ,0x79 ,0xeb ,0x21 ,0xfc  ,0xe5 ,0x30 ,0x0f ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x1d ,0x13
> +,0x01 ,0x01 ,0xff ,0x04 ,0x05 ,0x30 ,0x03 ,0x01  ,0x01 ,0xff ,0x30 ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86
> +,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7 ,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x0b ,0x05  ,0x00 ,0x03 ,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x00 ,0x37 ,0xba
> +,0x93 ,0xe4 ,0x7e ,0xcd ,0xb2 ,0xa4 ,0xe2 ,0x75  ,0x37 ,0x53 ,0xbc ,0x43 ,0x47 ,0xc9 ,0x94 ,0x51
> +,0xa9 ,0x14 ,0x28 ,0x0a ,0xa6 ,0xa1 ,0x90 ,0x0a  ,0xbc ,0x50 ,0x67 ,0x85 ,0x47 ,0xb7 ,0xfc ,0xe3
> +,0xd5 ,0x45 ,0xde ,0x89 ,0x99 ,0x46 ,0xba ,0xff  ,0x32 ,0x45 ,0x70 ,0x22 ,0x84 ,0x9e ,0x35 ,0x9c
> +,0x0a ,0xea ,0x63 ,0xf5 ,0xc7 ,0x7c ,0xe0 ,0xc1  ,0x9f ,0xb1 ,0xb6 ,0xe0 ,0xc1 ,0x1c ,0xb1 ,0xba
> +,0xeb ,0x6d ,0x53 ,0xde ,0xb2 ,0xf9 ,0xf8 ,0x4a  ,0x2c ,0x48 ,0xf4 ,0x12 ,0xcb ,0x26 ,0x3c ,0xe9
> +,0x1c ,0xb1 ,0xd3 ,0x36 ,0x48 ,0xa4 ,0xec ,0x24  ,0x35 ,0xf3 ,0x47 ,0xa9 ,0xf7 ,0xe1 ,0xfb ,0x38
> +,0xf0 ,0x23 ,0x46 ,0x02 ,0xf5 ,0x76 ,0xd1 ,0x39  ,0xf9 ,0x58 ,0x50 ,0x5c ,0xe9 ,0x39 ,0xa8 ,0x97
> +,0x41 ,0x66 ,0xa0 ,0x8a ,0xb2 ,0xd9 ,0x83 ,0x2d  ,0xed ,0xb0 ,0x49 ,0x2b ,0x6a ,0xc4 ,0xd8 ,0x37
> +,0xc0 ,0x6f ,0x51 ,0xab ,0x46 ,0x26 ,0x0f ,0x90  ,0x2b ,0x63 ,0xc2 ,0x87 ,0x75 ,0xaa ,0x47 ,0xbc
> +,0xbe ,0x9d ,0x54 ,0x17 ,0x54 ,0xa0 ,0x7c ,0x1b  ,0x58 ,0x82 ,0x3f ,0x44 ,0x0b ,0xc1 ,0xa6 ,0xcc
> +,0xe2 ,0x53 ,0xde ,0x6e ,0xf7 ,0x52 ,0x0d ,0x83  ,0xb7 ,0x03 ,0xfd ,0xed ,0x4c ,0xc3 ,0x76 ,0xe6
> +,0x14 ,0xb9 ,0xc9 ,0x45 ,0xc0 ,0x40 ,0x45 ,0x4a  ,0x70 ,0x40 ,0xe6 ,0x1a ,0x10 ,0x76 ,0x0c ,0xab
> +,0x2b ,0x9e ,0xe9 ,0xfd ,0x29 ,0xcb ,0xf8 ,0xce  ,0x11 ,0xf7 ,0x27 ,0x43 ,0xbb ,0xcd ,0xba ,0x22
> +,0x5b ,0x61 ,0x5f ,0x63 ,0x16 ,0xb3 ,0x2b ,0x83  ,0x75 ,0x98 ,0x2e ,0xca ,0x0a ,0x9e ,0x8c ,0x5a
> +,0xd5 ,0x77 ,0xb5 ,0xa2 ,0x74 ,0xeb ,0x94 ,0x4f  ,0x8f ,0xf6 ,0xc3 ,0x30 ,0x9c ,0xf4 ,0x6e ,0x9b
> +,0x5d ,0xd7 ,0x0f ,0x43 ,0x16 ,0xba ,0x5e ,0xa3  ,0xe3 ,0x8b ,0x8f ,0x74 ,0x27 ,0xaf ,0x31 ,0x82
> +,0x01 ,0xb1 ,0x30 ,0x82 ,0x01 ,0xad ,0x02 ,0x01  ,0x01 ,0x30 ,0x81 ,0x85 ,0x30 ,0x78 ,0x31 ,0x0b
> +,0x30 ,0x09 ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x06 ,0x13  ,0x02 ,0x55 ,0x53 ,0x31 ,0x0e ,0x30 ,0x0c ,0x06
> +,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x08 ,0x0c ,0x05 ,0x54 ,0x65  ,0x78 ,0x61 ,0x73 ,0x31 ,0x0f ,0x30 ,0x0d ,0x06
> +,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x07 ,0x0c ,0x06 ,0x41 ,0x75  ,0x73 ,0x74 ,0x69 ,0x6e ,0x31 ,0x0c ,0x30 ,0x0a
> +,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x0a ,0x0c ,0x03 ,0x49  ,0x42 ,0x4d ,0x31 ,0x0c ,0x30 ,0x0a ,0x06 ,0x03
> +,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x0b ,0x0c ,0x03 ,0x4c ,0x54 ,0x43  ,0x31 ,0x0b ,0x30 ,0x09 ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04
> +,0x03 ,0x0c ,0x02 ,0x50 ,0x4b ,0x31 ,0x1f ,0x30  ,0x1d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7
> +,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x09 ,0x01 ,0x16 ,0x10 ,0x6e ,0x61  ,0x79 ,0x6e ,0x6a ,0x61 ,0x69 ,0x6e ,0x40 ,0x69
> +,0x62 ,0x6d ,0x2e ,0x63 ,0x6f ,0x6d ,0x02 ,0x09  ,0x00 ,0xda ,0xf3 ,0xf9 ,0x20 ,0x41 ,0x00 ,0xa8
> +,0xeb ,0x30 ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x60 ,0x86 ,0x48  ,0x01 ,0x65 ,0x03 ,0x04 ,0x02 ,0x01 ,0x05 ,0x00
> +,0x30 ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86  ,0xf7 ,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x05 ,0x00 ,0x04
> +,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x00 ,0x3d ,0x69 ,0xc6 ,0x7f ,0x96  ,0xd3 ,0x00 ,0x22 ,0x16 ,0x28 ,0x56 ,0xd0 ,0x56
> +,0x8d ,0xfe ,0xd2 ,0xed ,0xa0 ,0x36 ,0x05 ,0xb5  ,0xac ,0xd6 ,0xf6 ,0x45 ,0x5a ,0x40 ,0x47 ,0xfb
> +,0x47 ,0xc2 ,0x71 ,0xaa ,0x5d ,0xc8 ,0x52 ,0xcf  ,0x46 ,0x44 ,0xfe ,0x0e ,0x64 ,0x82 ,0xda ,0x3a
> +,0x23 ,0xaf ,0x79 ,0x90 ,0x2b ,0xcc ,0x3a ,0x66  ,0x29 ,0x8e ,0x78 ,0x0b ,0xdc ,0xdc ,0x06 ,0xa2
> +,0xd4 ,0x87 ,0x19 ,0x7a ,0xae ,0x60 ,0xba ,0xaa  ,0xa1 ,0xca ,0x34 ,0x4f ,0x1c ,0x84 ,0xf6 ,0x26
> +,0xb7 ,0xc1 ,0xe5 ,0xf4 ,0x3d ,0x3c ,0x08 ,0x42  ,0x14 ,0x8a ,0xec ,0xeb ,0x02 ,0x27 ,0x83 ,0x06
> +,0x09 ,0x1c ,0xaa ,0x19 ,0x26 ,0xa5 ,0x47 ,0xc9  ,0xaa ,0x28 ,0x08 ,0xea ,0xb2 ,0x0f ,0x9a ,0x2f
> +,0x06 ,0x8f ,0x68 ,0xea ,0xbe ,0x39 ,0x0d ,0x37  ,0x8c ,0xc5 ,0x42 ,0xc4 ,0xe2 ,0xba ,0x7e ,0xf1
> +,0xf6 ,0x76 ,0x28 ,0x8c ,0xf3 ,0x21 ,0x97 ,0x02  ,0xf4 ,0x94 ,0xb6 ,0xc3 ,0xa8 ,0xe2 ,0x2d ,0x4b
> +,0x30 ,0x05 ,0x6c ,0xd5 ,0x91 ,0xb5 ,0xaa ,0xd2  ,0xff ,0x06 ,0xd9 ,0xde ,0xa9 ,0x04 ,0xad ,0xd5
> +,0x02 ,0x83 ,0x12 ,0x5a ,0x0b ,0x8f ,0xf7 ,0xfe  ,0x75 ,0x86 ,0xd0 ,0xc0 ,0xb2 ,0xd6 ,0x7d ,0xb9
> +,0xa4 ,0xfa ,0x0a ,0xf0 ,0xd3 ,0x28 ,0xe7 ,0x04  ,0x41 ,0x98 ,0x49 ,0x96 ,0xa5 ,0x24 ,0xd0 ,0xc5
> +,0x12 ,0xa0 ,0xec ,0xe6 ,0x68 ,0xd7 ,0x71 ,0x52  ,0x7b ,0x09 ,0x06 ,0xe6 ,0xbd ,0xa5 ,0xb4 ,0xc5
> +,0x1c ,0x27 ,0x3a ,0xeb ,0xa3 ,0x0c ,0x9b ,0x20  ,0x65 ,0x1c ,0x31 ,0x62 ,0xcf ,0x53 ,0x7f ,0xec
> +,0xa6 ,0x0a ,0x40 ,0xd7 ,0xab ,0xcf ,0x3c ,0x30  ,0xf3 ,0x36 ,0x03 ,0x53 ,0xff ,0x81 ,0x5d ,0xcd
> +,0x22 ,0x66 ,0xec ,0x92 ,0x63 ,0xd8 ,0x57 ,0x17  ,0xda ,0x58 ,0xf2 ,0x53 ,0x43 ,0x5e ,0x10 ,0x19
> +,0x53 ,0x6e ,0xfb ,0xa1 ,0x59 ,0xc0 ,0xa5 ,0xe4  ,0x94 ,0xa7 ,0x4a ,0x87 ,0xb5 ,0xab ,0x15 ,0x5c
> +,0x2b ,0xf0 ,0x72 ,0xf8 ,0x03 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00  ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0xdc ,0x03 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00
> +,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00  ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x30
> +,0x82 ,0x03 ,0xc8 ,0x30 ,0x82 ,0x02 ,0xb0 ,0xa0  ,0x03 ,0x02 ,0x01 ,0x02 ,0x02 ,0x09 ,0x00 ,0xb0
> +,0x40 ,0xaf ,0x25 ,0xfd ,0xbc ,0xd9 ,0xb1 ,0x30  ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7
> +,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x0b ,0x05 ,0x00 ,0x30 ,0x79  ,0x31 ,0x0b ,0x30 ,0x09 ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04
> +,0x06 ,0x13 ,0x02 ,0x55 ,0x53 ,0x31 ,0x0e ,0x30  ,0x0c ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x08 ,0x0c ,0x05
> +,0x54 ,0x65 ,0x78 ,0x61 ,0x73 ,0x31 ,0x0f ,0x30  ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x07 ,0x0c ,0x06
> +,0x41 ,0x75 ,0x73 ,0x74 ,0x69 ,0x6e ,0x31 ,0x0c  ,0x30 ,0x0a ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x0a ,0x0c
> +,0x03 ,0x49 ,0x42 ,0x4d ,0x31 ,0x0c ,0x30 ,0x0a  ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x0b ,0x0c ,0x03 ,0x4c
> +,0x54 ,0x43 ,0x31 ,0x0c ,0x30 ,0x0a ,0x06 ,0x03  ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x03 ,0x0c ,0x03 ,0x4b ,0x45 ,0x4b
> +,0x31 ,0x1f ,0x30 ,0x1d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86  ,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7 ,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x09 ,0x01 ,0x16
> +,0x10 ,0x6e ,0x61 ,0x79 ,0x6e ,0x6a ,0x61 ,0x69  ,0x6e ,0x40 ,0x69 ,0x62 ,0x6d ,0x2e ,0x63 ,0x6f
> +,0x6d ,0x30 ,0x1e ,0x17 ,0x0d ,0x32 ,0x30 ,0x30  ,0x39 ,0x31 ,0x34 ,0x31 ,0x35 ,0x35 ,0x30 ,0x35
> +,0x35 ,0x5a ,0x17 ,0x0d ,0x32 ,0x31 ,0x30 ,0x39  ,0x31 ,0x34 ,0x31 ,0x35 ,0x35 ,0x30 ,0x35 ,0x35
> +,0x5a ,0x30 ,0x79 ,0x31 ,0x0b ,0x30 ,0x09 ,0x06  ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x06 ,0x13 ,0x02 ,0x55 ,0x53
> +,0x31 ,0x0e ,0x30 ,0x0c ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04  ,0x08 ,0x0c ,0x05 ,0x54 ,0x65 ,0x78 ,0x61 ,0x73
> +,0x31 ,0x0f ,0x30 ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04  ,0x07 ,0x0c ,0x06 ,0x41 ,0x75 ,0x73 ,0x74 ,0x69
> +,0x6e ,0x31 ,0x0c ,0x30 ,0x0a ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55  ,0x04 ,0x0a ,0x0c ,0x03 ,0x49 ,0x42 ,0x4d ,0x31
> +,0x0c ,0x30 ,0x0a ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x0b  ,0x0c ,0x03 ,0x4c ,0x54 ,0x43 ,0x31 ,0x0c ,0x30
> +,0x0a ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x03 ,0x0c ,0x03  ,0x4b ,0x45 ,0x4b ,0x31 ,0x1f ,0x30 ,0x1d ,0x06
> +,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7 ,0x0d ,0x01  ,0x09 ,0x01 ,0x16 ,0x10 ,0x6e ,0x61 ,0x79 ,0x6e
> +,0x6a ,0x61 ,0x69 ,0x6e ,0x40 ,0x69 ,0x62 ,0x6d  ,0x2e ,0x63 ,0x6f ,0x6d ,0x30 ,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x22
> +,0x30 ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86  ,0xf7 ,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x05 ,0x00 ,0x03
> +,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x0f ,0x00 ,0x30 ,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x0a  ,0x02 ,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x00 ,0xc1 ,0xeb ,0xb8
> +,0xf7 ,0x3f ,0x53 ,0xb6 ,0xa1 ,0x8a ,0x3f ,0xca  ,0x99 ,0x56 ,0xbc ,0x3b ,0xdf ,0xbf ,0x70 ,0x0a
> +,0x78 ,0x5b ,0x06 ,0xc1 ,0xeb ,0xbe ,0x4e ,0xd7  ,0xd9 ,0xe9 ,0x57 ,0x1f ,0xc4 ,0xf4 ,0xe5 ,0x78
> +,0xb6 ,0x14 ,0xda ,0x87 ,0x43 ,0x31 ,0xad ,0x6d  ,0x9f ,0xae ,0x6c ,0x44 ,0xe3 ,0x12 ,0xe4 ,0xf1
> +,0xa4 ,0x81 ,0xf8 ,0x7d ,0x09 ,0x0e ,0xa6 ,0x6a  ,0xe1 ,0xf7 ,0xcb ,0xe9 ,0x63 ,0xd6 ,0xd6 ,0x58
> +,0x28 ,0x10 ,0xf2 ,0xb9 ,0xcf ,0xd7 ,0x85 ,0x95  ,0x0b ,0x24 ,0x51 ,0xe8 ,0x5a ,0x08 ,0x74 ,0xbc
> +,0x42 ,0x9b ,0xd6 ,0x84 ,0xcd ,0x5e ,0xe5 ,0x61  ,0x83 ,0x7c ,0x5f ,0x0e ,0x3a ,0x9d ,0x3d ,0x6d
> +,0x84 ,0xe2 ,0xc0 ,0x26 ,0x64 ,0x35 ,0x80 ,0x6c  ,0xb1 ,0x37 ,0x72 ,0x38 ,0x00 ,0xa0 ,0x90 ,0x51
> +,0xd3 ,0x64 ,0x01 ,0x62 ,0x70 ,0xf8 ,0xa4 ,0xe4  ,0xc8 ,0x87 ,0x4c ,0xe1 ,0x76 ,0xd7 ,0xe6 ,0xbf
> +,0xed ,0x08 ,0xba ,0xde ,0x42 ,0x90 ,0x00 ,0xb7  ,0x19 ,0x81 ,0x91 ,0xd0 ,0x18 ,0xcb ,0x03 ,0xe6
> +,0xf5 ,0xf9 ,0x31 ,0x2b ,0x56 ,0xc3 ,0x21 ,0x39  ,0x4d ,0x9a ,0x63 ,0x0a ,0xb7 ,0x1c ,0xa9 ,0xdc
> +,0xce ,0xa9 ,0xc4 ,0xe0 ,0x0a ,0xa4 ,0x53 ,0x8f  ,0x78 ,0xd1 ,0xc0 ,0x3f ,0xc2 ,0x8e ,0x8a ,0x37
> +,0x52 ,0x42 ,0x60 ,0x97 ,0xb3 ,0x53 ,0xaa ,0xa4  ,0x4f ,0x98 ,0x7e ,0xa5 ,0x2a ,0xe1 ,0x52 ,0xfa
> +,0x9f ,0xc1 ,0x32 ,0xf7 ,0x15 ,0x12 ,0x62 ,0x6b  ,0x5a ,0x4d ,0xfe ,0x22 ,0x8d ,0x88 ,0x87 ,0xfd
> +,0x83 ,0x2f ,0xaa ,0x1a ,0xb8 ,0xad ,0x3d ,0x4f  ,0xdc ,0xe0 ,0x39 ,0x8b ,0x88 ,0xed ,0xc6 ,0xf5
> +,0xee ,0x32 ,0xea ,0xd6 ,0x25 ,0xcf ,0x91 ,0x66  ,0x77 ,0x4c ,0xa1 ,0x0c ,0x6a ,0x7b ,0x6e ,0xb2
> +,0x72 ,0xa8 ,0xf4 ,0xc7 ,0xeb ,0xa4 ,0x91 ,0xda  ,0x5d ,0x14 ,0xf9 ,0x9e ,0xe9 ,0x02 ,0x03 ,0x01
> +,0x00 ,0x01 ,0xa3 ,0x53 ,0x30 ,0x51 ,0x30 ,0x1d  ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x1d ,0x0e ,0x04 ,0x16 ,0x04
> +,0x14 ,0x78 ,0x48 ,0xa9 ,0x71 ,0x20 ,0x25 ,0xcf  ,0x26 ,0xe8 ,0x18 ,0x91 ,0x75 ,0xd6 ,0xad ,0xb1
> +,0x5f ,0x7f ,0x6b ,0x7f ,0x6d ,0x30 ,0x1f ,0x06  ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x1d ,0x23 ,0x04 ,0x18 ,0x30 ,0x16
> +,0x80 ,0x14 ,0x78 ,0x48 ,0xa9 ,0x71 ,0x20 ,0x25  ,0xcf ,0x26 ,0xe8 ,0x18 ,0x91 ,0x75 ,0xd6 ,0xad
> +,0xb1 ,0x5f ,0x7f ,0x6b ,0x7f ,0x6d ,0x30 ,0x0f  ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x1d ,0x13 ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0xff
> +,0x04 ,0x05 ,0x30 ,0x03 ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0xff ,0x30  ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7
> +,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x0b ,0x05 ,0x00 ,0x03 ,0x82  ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x00 ,0x7a ,0xc8 ,0xc9 ,0x0e ,0x45
> +,0x1c ,0xa6 ,0xce ,0xd5 ,0xdb ,0x9c ,0x5d ,0x95  ,0x8b ,0x8b ,0xbc ,0x90 ,0xca ,0x98 ,0xd1 ,0xe9
> +,0x4b ,0xfb ,0xf3 ,0xef ,0x48 ,0xb0 ,0x9e ,0x0d  ,0x95 ,0x0f ,0x3a ,0xa0 ,0xb6 ,0x93 ,0x9f ,0xc6
> +,0xf7 ,0xca ,0xca ,0xf1 ,0x04 ,0x90 ,0x4d ,0x6b  ,0x57 ,0xc1 ,0xe5 ,0x85 ,0xfd ,0x87 ,0x09 ,0xe5
> +,0xaf ,0x98 ,0x89 ,0x32 ,0x27 ,0x35 ,0x85 ,0xcf  ,0xe1 ,0x1f ,0xaf ,0xc0 ,0x8c ,0x3f ,0x2a ,0xba
> +,0xa4 ,0xfc ,0xaa ,0x40 ,0x02 ,0x7c ,0x57 ,0xd9  ,0x73 ,0xc6 ,0xc0 ,0x59 ,0xcb ,0x47 ,0x71 ,0x07
> +,0x1a ,0xfe ,0x46 ,0xb1 ,0x81 ,0x14 ,0x6b ,0xa5  ,0xeb ,0xe7 ,0x9c ,0x2b ,0x87 ,0xee ,0x72 ,0x96
> +,0xe0 ,0xb0 ,0x11 ,0x86 ,0x33 ,0x95 ,0xdf ,0x6e  ,0x9c ,0x3f ,0x0f ,0xc1 ,0x46 ,0x8c ,0x53 ,0x12
> +,0xf1 ,0xd9 ,0xa8 ,0xee ,0x04 ,0xc5 ,0x71 ,0x52  ,0x22 ,0x13 ,0x0f ,0x91 ,0x0c ,0x73 ,0xca ,0x34
> +,0xb1 ,0x36 ,0x5f ,0x8c ,0x2e ,0x0f ,0x3a ,0x04  ,0x42 ,0xfe ,0x45 ,0x82 ,0x29 ,0x56 ,0x5e ,0xe5
> +,0x4c ,0xeb ,0x4b ,0xa6 ,0xe5 ,0xe0 ,0x1d ,0x74  ,0xc0 ,0x5a ,0x2f ,0x42 ,0xa5 ,0xf2 ,0x65 ,0xd5
> +,0x4d ,0x3b ,0x22 ,0xd2 ,0x96 ,0x42 ,0xcf ,0xbd  ,0xd7 ,0x8b ,0x37 ,0x7a ,0xb6 ,0xd9 ,0xd4 ,0xd7
> +,0x45 ,0x47 ,0x3b ,0x3c ,0xb3 ,0xd9 ,0x29 ,0x69  ,0x91 ,0x7d ,0x4c ,0x06 ,0xad ,0x6c ,0xea ,0x62
> +,0xf1 ,0xf7 ,0xec ,0x67 ,0xae ,0xd5 ,0x43 ,0xd0  ,0xab ,0xb8 ,0xbf ,0xa4 ,0x28 ,0xd4 ,0x75 ,0xd2
> +,0x3f ,0x53 ,0x5d ,0xa8 ,0x09 ,0x46 ,0x89 ,0x7f  ,0x84 ,0x36 ,0xad ,0x78 ,0x41 ,0x03 ,0xf4 ,0xc4
> +,0x43 ,0x43 ,0xdc ,0x52 ,0xc6 ,0xff ,0xab ,0xd6  ,0x8c ,0x7f ,0xc0 ,0xab ,0x67 ,0x5b ,0x0b ,0xa9
> +,0x6a ,0xd2 ,0x85 ,0x71 ,0x9f ,0xc2 ,0xf1 ,0x96  ,0xd2 ,0x41 ,0xb0 ,0xa1 ,0x59 ,0xc0 ,0xa5 ,0xe4
> +,0x94 ,0xa7 ,0x4a ,0x87 ,0xb5 ,0xab ,0x15 ,0x5c  ,0x2b ,0xf0 ,0x72 ,0xfa ,0x03 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00
> +,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0xde ,0x03 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00  ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00
> +,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x30  ,0x82 ,0x03 ,0xca ,0x30 ,0x82 ,0x02 ,0xb2 ,0xa0
> +,0x03 ,0x02 ,0x01 ,0x02 ,0x02 ,0x09 ,0x00 ,0xee  ,0x9a ,0xcd ,0x6d ,0x46 ,0xac ,0xda ,0xd7 ,0x30
> +,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7  ,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x0b ,0x05 ,0x00 ,0x30 ,0x7a
> +,0x31 ,0x0b ,0x30 ,0x09 ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04  ,0x06 ,0x13 ,0x02 ,0x55 ,0x53 ,0x31 ,0x0e ,0x30
> +,0x0c ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x08 ,0x0c ,0x05  ,0x54 ,0x65 ,0x78 ,0x61 ,0x73 ,0x31 ,0x0f ,0x30
> +,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x07 ,0x0c ,0x06  ,0x41 ,0x75 ,0x73 ,0x74 ,0x69 ,0x6e ,0x31 ,0x0c
> +,0x30 ,0x0a ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x0a ,0x0c  ,0x03 ,0x49 ,0x42 ,0x4d ,0x31 ,0x0c ,0x30 ,0x0a
> +,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x0b ,0x0c ,0x03 ,0x4c  ,0x54 ,0x43 ,0x31 ,0x0d ,0x30 ,0x0b ,0x06 ,0x03
> +,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x03 ,0x0c ,0x04 ,0x4b ,0x45 ,0x4b  ,0x31 ,0x31 ,0x1f ,0x30 ,0x1d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a
> +,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7 ,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x09 ,0x01  ,0x16 ,0x10 ,0x6e ,0x61 ,0x79 ,0x6e ,0x6a ,0x61
> +,0x69 ,0x6e ,0x40 ,0x69 ,0x62 ,0x6d ,0x2e ,0x63  ,0x6f ,0x6d ,0x30 ,0x1e ,0x17 ,0x0d ,0x32 ,0x30
> +,0x30 ,0x39 ,0x31 ,0x34 ,0x31 ,0x38 ,0x34 ,0x38  ,0x30 ,0x39 ,0x5a ,0x17 ,0x0d ,0x32 ,0x31 ,0x30
> +,0x39 ,0x31 ,0x34 ,0x31 ,0x38 ,0x34 ,0x38 ,0x30  ,0x39 ,0x5a ,0x30 ,0x7a ,0x31 ,0x0b ,0x30 ,0x09
> +,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x06 ,0x13 ,0x02 ,0x55  ,0x53 ,0x31 ,0x0e ,0x30 ,0x0c ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55
> +,0x04 ,0x08 ,0x0c ,0x05 ,0x54 ,0x65 ,0x78 ,0x61  ,0x73 ,0x31 ,0x0f ,0x30 ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55
> +,0x04 ,0x07 ,0x0c ,0x06 ,0x41 ,0x75 ,0x73 ,0x74  ,0x69 ,0x6e ,0x31 ,0x0c ,0x30 ,0x0a ,0x06 ,0x03
> +,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x0a ,0x0c ,0x03 ,0x49 ,0x42 ,0x4d  ,0x31 ,0x0c ,0x30 ,0x0a ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04
> +,0x0b ,0x0c ,0x03 ,0x4c ,0x54 ,0x43 ,0x31 ,0x0d  ,0x30 ,0x0b ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x04 ,0x03 ,0x0c
> +,0x04 ,0x4b ,0x45 ,0x4b ,0x31 ,0x31 ,0x1f ,0x30  ,0x1d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7
> +,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x09 ,0x01 ,0x16 ,0x10 ,0x6e ,0x61  ,0x79 ,0x6e ,0x6a ,0x61 ,0x69 ,0x6e ,0x40 ,0x69
> +,0x62 ,0x6d ,0x2e ,0x63 ,0x6f ,0x6d ,0x30 ,0x82  ,0x01 ,0x22 ,0x30 ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86
> +,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xf7 ,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x05  ,0x00 ,0x03 ,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x0f ,0x00 ,0x30 ,0x82
> +,0x01 ,0x0a ,0x02 ,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x00 ,0xad  ,0xd0 ,0x43 ,0x6b ,0x3c ,0xa2 ,0xbd ,0xb8 ,0x30
> +,0x26 ,0xa9 ,0x2a ,0xa7 ,0x63 ,0xb6 ,0x59 ,0x27  ,0xfb ,0x28 ,0xd5 ,0x5a ,0x3c ,0x2f ,0x8b ,0x8f
> +,0x71 ,0xda ,0x2a ,0x15 ,0x30 ,0x3c ,0x07 ,0xd5  ,0x6c ,0x4e ,0xe4 ,0xff ,0x30 ,0x24 ,0x6c ,0x72
> +,0x26 ,0xf6 ,0x5b ,0x22 ,0xea ,0x12 ,0x96 ,0xf8  ,0x20 ,0x71 ,0xb5 ,0xa8 ,0x9e ,0xdc ,0xd8 ,0xbf
> +,0x5c ,0xa3 ,0xd6 ,0x5a ,0xa6 ,0x17 ,0xe3 ,0x91  ,0x92 ,0x31 ,0x25 ,0x1f ,0x36 ,0x76 ,0x21 ,0x15
> +,0x04 ,0x4c ,0xdd ,0x77 ,0x09 ,0xd6 ,0xe2 ,0x71  ,0x2e ,0x85 ,0x43 ,0x4d ,0x5e ,0x37 ,0x30 ,0x01
> +,0x03 ,0x6b ,0x61 ,0xce ,0x08 ,0xd8 ,0xa9 ,0xaa  ,0x6b ,0x24 ,0x41 ,0x64 ,0xd3 ,0x6a ,0x8a ,0xb7
> +,0x4f ,0xf4 ,0xaf ,0x92 ,0x6e ,0x39 ,0x35 ,0x6a  ,0x5c ,0xeb ,0xbb ,0x91 ,0xff ,0xa3 ,0x28 ,0xee
> +,0xde ,0x13 ,0xfb ,0x9d ,0xae ,0x6e ,0x00 ,0xb5  ,0x32 ,0xc8 ,0xcf ,0x17 ,0x9a ,0xef ,0x6b ,0xcd
> +,0x4c ,0x23 ,0xf7 ,0xc6 ,0x00 ,0x87 ,0x66 ,0xac  ,0xb6 ,0x41 ,0x07 ,0x97 ,0x14 ,0x9e ,0x48 ,0x1f
> +,0x74 ,0xde ,0x05 ,0xe4 ,0x46 ,0xc3 ,0xb9 ,0xc3  ,0x72 ,0xeb ,0xca ,0x43 ,0x08 ,0x41 ,0x1f ,0x16
> +,0xa8 ,0x3e ,0x5b ,0xd3 ,0x22 ,0xa7 ,0x7f ,0xdf  ,0x57 ,0xc0 ,0x7d ,0x52 ,0x2a ,0xfb ,0xcb ,0xbe
> +,0x78 ,0xfa ,0x8f ,0x71 ,0x08 ,0x7e ,0x41 ,0x8a  ,0x0e ,0xe1 ,0x6a ,0x2f ,0x94 ,0xe3 ,0x46 ,0xbc
> +,0x1b ,0xe9 ,0xd2 ,0x9c ,0x86 ,0x7a ,0xf8 ,0xe6  ,0x0d ,0x27 ,0x53 ,0x94 ,0x08 ,0x21 ,0x72 ,0xb0
> +,0x33 ,0x8f ,0xcf ,0x40 ,0xc9 ,0x5e ,0x26 ,0x36  ,0xc2 ,0xcd ,0x41 ,0x7c ,0x58 ,0x25 ,0x7c ,0xed
> +,0xf2 ,0x73 ,0x34 ,0xb8 ,0xf6 ,0x16 ,0x75 ,0x80  ,0xe7 ,0x63 ,0x91 ,0xe5 ,0x1c ,0x24 ,0x15 ,0xf3
> +,0xf5 ,0xca ,0x38 ,0x28 ,0x1e ,0xa5 ,0x0d ,0x02  ,0x03 ,0x01 ,0x00 ,0x01 ,0xa3 ,0x53 ,0x30 ,0x51
> +,0x30 ,0x1d ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x1d ,0x0e ,0x04  ,0x16 ,0x04 ,0x14 ,0xce ,0x7d ,0xc6 ,0x2c ,0x19
> +,0x32 ,0xfe ,0x51 ,0x4a ,0x06 ,0x17 ,0x4b ,0xe7  ,0x8c ,0x2e ,0x30 ,0x35 ,0xf2 ,0xfc ,0xab ,0x30
> +,0x1f ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x1d ,0x23 ,0x04 ,0x18  ,0x30 ,0x16 ,0x80 ,0x14 ,0xce ,0x7d ,0xc6 ,0x2c
> +,0x19 ,0x32 ,0xfe ,0x51 ,0x4a ,0x06 ,0x17 ,0x4b  ,0xe7 ,0x8c ,0x2e ,0x30 ,0x35 ,0xf2 ,0xfc ,0xab
> +,0x30 ,0x0f ,0x06 ,0x03 ,0x55 ,0x1d ,0x13 ,0x01  ,0x01 ,0xff ,0x04 ,0x05 ,0x30 ,0x03 ,0x01 ,0x01
> +,0xff ,0x30 ,0x0d ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2a ,0x86 ,0x48  ,0x86 ,0xf7 ,0x0d ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x0b ,0x05 ,0x00
> +,0x03 ,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x00 ,0x9e ,0x63 ,0xd0  ,0xd8 ,0x70 ,0x78 ,0x42 ,0x2d ,0xc9 ,0xdb ,0xc9
> +,0x8d ,0x47 ,0xda ,0x72 ,0x7b ,0xa9 ,0xb2 ,0x26  ,0x67 ,0x98 ,0xb6 ,0x17 ,0xe6 ,0xf3 ,0x0f ,0xd8
> +,0xc9 ,0x10 ,0x95 ,0xb0 ,0x99 ,0xee ,0x76 ,0x74  ,0x24 ,0x7f ,0xce ,0x49 ,0x28 ,0x46 ,0xfd ,0x66
> +,0x9a ,0x3e ,0x66 ,0x0d ,0xed ,0x6e ,0x54 ,0xc7  ,0xb9 ,0x64 ,0xc3 ,0xb3 ,0xa6 ,0xb8 ,0xb2 ,0x71
> +,0xa5 ,0x00 ,0x33 ,0xf4 ,0xed ,0x44 ,0x38 ,0xa1  ,0x28 ,0xcc ,0x88 ,0xe7 ,0xc8 ,0x53 ,0x47 ,0x90
> +,0xc2 ,0x37 ,0xe7 ,0xbb ,0x37 ,0x61 ,0x36 ,0x96  ,0x96 ,0x96 ,0x3a ,0xe9 ,0x63 ,0xfc ,0xc2 ,0x98
> +,0xc4 ,0x75 ,0x62 ,0x60 ,0xc5 ,0x19 ,0x98 ,0xf0  ,0xd3 ,0x03 ,0xc2 ,0x45 ,0x06 ,0x54 ,0xa3 ,0x75
> +,0x29 ,0x92 ,0x91 ,0x1c ,0xef ,0x42 ,0xba ,0x9f  ,0x65 ,0x87 ,0xb0 ,0x9a ,0xbb ,0xbf ,0x09 ,0xde
> +,0xe3 ,0x28 ,0xce ,0xb3 ,0x72 ,0xb0 ,0x64 ,0xec  ,0xf3 ,0x3e ,0x64 ,0xe6 ,0x62 ,0x40 ,0xbd ,0x6b
> +,0x16 ,0xd3 ,0xac ,0x94 ,0x2a ,0x15 ,0x27 ,0xa6  ,0x54 ,0x31 ,0xa9 ,0x05 ,0xae ,0xb5 ,0x72 ,0xe5
> +,0x8e ,0x0e ,0x93 ,0xe9 ,0xd6 ,0x67 ,0xd1 ,0xba  ,0x86 ,0xa1 ,0x2c ,0x84 ,0x43 ,0xa6 ,0x8b ,0x43
> +,0x6f ,0x5f ,0x2c ,0x6c ,0xcc ,0x91 ,0x60 ,0x29  ,0x45 ,0xdf ,0x95 ,0x4e ,0x82 ,0xee ,0xea ,0x1e
> +,0x5d ,0x34 ,0x5a ,0xc0 ,0x65 ,0x07 ,0x85 ,0x00  ,0x4c ,0x4c ,0x42 ,0x8f ,0x28 ,0x3a ,0x95 ,0xfb
> +,0x96 ,0xa0 ,0x1c ,0x97 ,0xfc ,0x42 ,0x78 ,0x11  ,0x77 ,0xdf ,0xdf ,0x6c ,0xdc ,0x61 ,0xaf ,0x2a
> +,0x00 ,0x93 ,0xa6 ,0xca ,0x81 ,0xb4 ,0x9f ,0x3e  ,0x9b ,0x61 ,0x89 ,0xdb ,0x36 ,0x1d ,0x99 ,0x4e
> +,0xbc ,0x50 ,0xcb ,0x55 ,0xbc ,0xe7 ,0x34 ,0x70  ,0xf7 ,0x31 ,0x3a ,0xf2 ,0xca ,0xb2 ,0x83 ,0x1a
> +,0xb4 ,0xe7 ,0x20 ,0x2d};
> +
> +unsigned int multipletrimmedKEK_auth_len =  3540;
> diff --git a/libstb/secvar/test/secvar-test-edk2-compat.c b/libstb/secvar/test/secvar-test-edk2-compat.c
> index a769863b..93ade920 100644
> --- a/libstb/secvar/test/secvar-test-edk2-compat.c
> +++ b/libstb/secvar/test/secvar-test-edk2-compat.c
> @@ -17,6 +17,7 @@
>   #include "./data/dbsigneddata.h"
>   #include "./data/OldTSKEK.h"
>   #include "./data/multipleKEK.h"
> +#include "./data/multipletrimmedKEK.h"
>   #include "./data/multipleDB.h"
>   #include "./data/multiplePK.h"
>   #include "./data/dbx.h"
> @@ -336,6 +337,21 @@ int run_test()
>   	ASSERT(5 == list_length(&variable_bank));
>   	ASSERT(0 == list_length(&update_bank));
> +	/* Add multiple KEK ESLs with one w one missing 5 bytes */
> +	printf("Add multiple KEK with one trimmed\n");
> +	tmp = new_secvar("KEK", 4, multipletrimmedKEK_auth, multipletrimmedKEK_auth_len, 0);
> +	ASSERT(0 == edk2_compat_validate(tmp));
> +	list_add_tail(&update_bank, &tmp->link);
> +	ASSERT(1 == list_length(&update_bank));
> +
> +	rc = edk2_compat_process(&variable_bank, &update_bank);
> +	ASSERT(5 == list_length(&variable_bank));
> +	ASSERT(0 == list_length(&update_bank));
> +	tmp = find_secvar("KEK", 4, &variable_bank);
> +	ASSERT(NULL != tmp);
> +	ASSERT(0 != tmp->data_size);
> +
>   	/* Add multiple KEK ESLs, one of them should sign the db. */
>   	printf("Add multiple KEK\n");
>   	tmp = new_secvar("KEK", 4, multipleKEK_auth, multipleKEK_auth_len, 0);

Thanks Nick !!

Reviewed-by: Nayna Jain <nayna at linux.ibm.com>

Tested-by: Nayna Jain <nayna at linux.ibm.com>

Thanks & Regards,

       - Nayna

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