[Skiboot] Enforcing 2FA on our github repositories

Klaus Heinrich Kiwi klaus at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu Oct 24 17:44:47 AEDT 2019

Dear Openpower-Firmware community members,
starting November 25th, 2019, the github.com/open-power and 
github.com/ibm-op-release organizations will start enforcing two-factor 
authentication (2FA) for interacting with it's repositories, meaning 
that "members, outside collaborators, and billing managers (including 
bot accounts) who do not use 2FA will be removed from the organization 
and lose access to its repositories"[1]
In order to not be removed, before Nov 25 2019, please enable 2FA[2] for 
all your Github.com accounts interacting with any of the several 
repositories contained within these organizations. These include, but 
are not limited to: skiboot, petitboot, op-test, op-build, hostboot, 
sbe, occ, platform XML files, etc
This action is aimed at better protecting the repositories and our 
members, i.e., avoiding account hijacking and rogue code insertion.
Thank you for your support,
[1] - 
[2] - 
Klaus Heinrich Kiwi
OPAL Project Lead

Klaus Heinrich Kiwi <klaus at linux.vnet.ibm.com>

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