[Skiboot] [PATCH] npu2/hw-procedures: Remove assertion from check_credits()

Reza Arbab arbab at linux.ibm.com
Fri Nov 15 03:13:04 AEDT 2019

The RX clock mux in the NVLink PHY can glitch, which will manifest in
hard to diagnose behavior--at best, a checkstop during the first link
traffic. The only reliable way we found to detect this was by checking
for a discrepancy in the credits we expect to receive during link

Since the time the check was added, we've found that

* Commit ac6f1599ff33 ("npu2: hw-procedures: Add phy_rx_clock_sel()")
does work around the original glitch.

* Asserting is too harsh. Before root cause was established, it was
thought this could have been a manufacturing defect and we wanted to
loudly fail hardware acceptance boot cycle tests.

* It seems there is a valid situation in which credits are off from
the expected value. During GPU hot reset, a CPU prefetch across the link
can affect the credit count before we check.

Given all of the above, remove the assert().

Cc: stable # 6.0.x
Signed-off-by: Reza Arbab <arbab at linux.ibm.com>
 hw/npu2-hw-procedures.c | 15 ++++++---------
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/hw/npu2-hw-procedures.c b/hw/npu2-hw-procedures.c
index 86864629a66b..2a03beda606a 100644
--- a/hw/npu2-hw-procedures.c
+++ b/hw/npu2-hw-procedures.c
@@ -756,17 +756,14 @@ static uint32_t check_credit(struct npu2_dev *ndev, uint64_t reg,
 static uint32_t check_credits(struct npu2_dev *ndev)
-	int fail = 0;
 	uint64_t val;
-	fail += CHECK_CREDIT(ndev, NPU2_NTL_CRED_HDR_CREDIT_RX, 0x0BE0BE0000000000ULL);
-	fail += CHECK_CREDIT(ndev, NPU2_NTL_RSP_HDR_CREDIT_RX, 0x0BE0BE0000000000ULL);
-	fail += CHECK_CREDIT(ndev, NPU2_NTL_CRED_DATA_CREDIT_RX, 0x1001000000000000ULL);
-	fail += CHECK_CREDIT(ndev, NPU2_NTL_RSP_DATA_CREDIT_RX, 0x1001000000000000ULL);
-	fail += CHECK_CREDIT(ndev, NPU2_NTL_DBD_HDR_CREDIT_RX, 0x0640640000000000ULL);
-	fail += CHECK_CREDIT(ndev, NPU2_NTL_ATSD_HDR_CREDIT_RX, 0x0200200000000000ULL);
-	assert(!fail);
+	CHECK_CREDIT(ndev, NPU2_NTL_CRED_DATA_CREDIT_RX, 0x1001000000000000ULL);
+	CHECK_CREDIT(ndev, NPU2_NTL_RSP_DATA_CREDIT_RX, 0x1001000000000000ULL);
+	CHECK_CREDIT(ndev, NPU2_NTL_DBD_HDR_CREDIT_RX, 0x0640640000000000ULL);
+	CHECK_CREDIT(ndev, NPU2_NTL_ATSD_HDR_CREDIT_RX, 0x0200200000000000ULL);
 	val = npu2_read(ndev->npu, NPU2_NTL_MISC_CFG1(ndev));

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