[Skiboot] [PATCH] external/mambo: fix tcl startup code for mambo bogus net

Aaron Sawdey acsawdey at linux.ibm.com
Thu Jun 6 09:22:33 AEST 2019

This fixes a couple issues with external/mambo/skiboot.tcl so I can use the
mambo bogus net.
 * newer distros (ubuntu 18.04) allow tap device to have a user specified
   name instead of just tapN so we need to pass in a name not a number.
 * need some kind of default for net_mac, and need the mconfig for it
   to be set from an env var.


diff --git a/external/mambo/skiboot.tcl b/external/mambo/skiboot.tcl
index 9f424dd9..292c8c42 100644
--- a/external/mambo/skiboot.tcl
+++ b/external/mambo/skiboot.tcl
@@ -72,8 +72,11 @@ mconfig rootdisk_cow_hash MAMBO_ROOTDISK_COW_HASH 1024
 # Net: What type of networking: none, phea, bogus
 mconfig net MAMBO_NET none

-# Net: What is the base interface for the tun/tap device
-mconfig tap_base MAMBO_NET_TAP_BASE 0
+# Net: What MAC address to use
+mconfig net_mac MAMBO_NET_MAC 00:11:22:33:44:55
+# Net: What is the name of the tap device
+mconfig net_tapdev MAMBO_NET_TAPDEV "tap0"

 # Enable (default) or disable the "speculation-policy-favor-security" setting,
 # set to 0 to disable. When enabled it causes Linux's RFI flush to be enabled.
@@ -197,8 +200,7 @@ switch $mconf(net) {
 	puts "No network support selected"
     bogus - bogusnet {
-	set net_tap [format "tap%d" $mconf(tap_base)]
-	mysim bogus net init 0 $mconf(net_mac) $net_tap
+        mysim bogus net init 0 $mconf(net_mac) $mconf(net_tapdev)
     default {
 	error "Bad net \[none | bogus]: $mconf(net)"

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