[Skiboot] [PATCH] xive: reserve OPAL call numbers to get/set the NVT state

Cédric Le Goater clg at kaod.org
Tue Jun 4 16:03:18 AEST 2019

On 04/06/2019 06:02, Stewart Smith wrote:
> Cédric Le Goater <clg at kaod.org> writes:
>> XIVE already reserves a couple of OPAL call numbers to get/set the END
>> state but we will need some more for the NVT state.
>> Signed-off-by: Cédric Le Goater <clg at kaod.org>
>> ---
>>  or should we recycle OPAL_OLD_I2C_REQUEST, OPAL_ELOG_SEND,
>>  what about OPAL_RESERVED1 and OPAL_RESERVED2 ?
> So, in order to answer that kind of question accuratly and completely, I
> took a loooong detour into the depths of history and came out with that
> giant 110 patch long series improving the docs recently.
> Notably, https://open-power.github.io/skiboot/doc/opal-api/index.html is
> where there's relevant chatter on what all those random ones were/are.

nice !

> My inclination is to say that we shouldn't go and re-use the never
> implemented ones or removed ones just to avoid any possible confusion
> (plus, we're probably not going to run out of call tokens any time
> soon).


> I think bbcbbd3e071ffe654596ce19ddf8d99b4176bbc3 superseded this patch
> though, 


> and we don't have any set NVT state call reserved.

no. There is no use for it for the moment in P9/P10.



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