[Skiboot] [PATCH] build: link with --orphan-handling=warn, explicitly place orphan sections

Nicholas Piggin npiggin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 17:12:37 AEDT 2019

Stewart Smith's on February 27, 2019 3:41 pm:
> From: Nicholas Piggin <npiggin at gmail.com>
> The linker can warn when the linker script does not explicitly
> place all sections. These orphan sections are placed according to
> heuristics, which may not always be desirable.
> This patch enables orphan section warnings for the final link, and
> attempts to do something sane with the orphan sections we currently
> have.
> ---
> I rebased this on top of master and it seems to build okay... any reason
> not to merge?

No I think it should be okay.
>  	/* Discards */
>  	/DISCARD/ : {
> +		*(.note.GNU-stack)
> +		*(.eh_frame)
>  		*(.comment)
>  		*(.interp)

Only thing is maybe keep .note.* section somewhere. Linux does, we might 
want to put a build id or something in there one day.


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