[Skiboot] [PATCH 17/18] doc: Fix some errors in platforms-and-cpus

Oliver O'Halloran oohall at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 12:14:47 AEDT 2019

Apollo was a P7 platform, not P8, and we don't support P7 any more.
VESNIN is a P8 platform. Garrison uses the P8NVL chip, few other minor

There's stilll a bunch of systems missing from here, but eh. I also added
a note about P7 support being dropped.

Signed-off-by: Oliver O'Halloran <oohall at gmail.com>
 doc/platforms-and-cpus.rst | 32 +++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 1 file changed, 23 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/platforms-and-cpus.rst b/doc/platforms-and-cpus.rst
index 7d11d3057e91..2e382f5c8db5 100644
--- a/doc/platforms-and-cpus.rst
+++ b/doc/platforms-and-cpus.rst
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Name            PVR             Other names
 =============== =============== =====================
 Power8E         0x004bxxxx      Murano
 Power8          0x004dxxxx      Venice
-Power8NVL       0x004cxxxx      Naples
+Power8NVL       0x004cxxxx      Naples (P8 with NVLink)
 Power9N         0x004e0xxx      Nimbus 12 small core
 Power9N         0x004e1xxx      Nimbus 24 small core
 Power9C         0x004e2xxx      Cumulus 12 small core
@@ -27,24 +27,38 @@ Platform Sub platform Host CPU(s) Manufacturer       compatible
 ======== ============ =========== ================== ========================== ============================= =======
 astbmc   barreleye    Power8      Ingrasys (Foxconn) "ingrasys,barreleye"       Barreleye, Rackspace machine
 astbmc   firestone    Power8      Wistron, IBM       "ibm,firestone"            Firestone, S822LC             [#]_
-astbmc   garrison     Power8      IBM                "ibm,garrison"             Minsky, "S822LC for HPC"      [#]_
+astbmc   garrison     Power8NVL   IBM                "ibm,garrison"             Minsky, "S822LC for HPC"      [#]_
 astbmc   habanero     Power8      Tyan               "tyan,habanero"            Habanero, TN71-BP012
 astbmc   p8dtu        Power8      Supermicro         "supermicro,p8dtu1u"       Briggs, "S822LC for Big Data" [#]_ [#]_
 astbmc   p8dtu        Power8      Supermicro         "supermicro,p8dtu2u"       Stratton, S821LC              [#]_ [#]_
-astbmc   p8dnu        Power8      Supermicro         "supermicro,p8dnu(1u|2u)?"
-astbmc   p9sdu        Power9      Supermicro         "supermicro,p9dsu"         Boston, LC921/LC922           [#]_
+astbmc   p8dnu        Power8NVL   Supermicro         "supermicro,p8dnu(1u|2u)?"
 astbmc   palmetto     Power8      Tyan               "tyan,palmetto"            Palmetto, GN70-BP010
+astbmc   vesnin       Power8      Yadro              "YADRO,vesnin"             VESNIN
+ibm-fsp  firenze      Power8E     IBM                "ibm,firenze"              Tuleta, S812L, S822L          [#]_
+rhesus   n/a          Power8E                        "ibm,powernv"              Rhesus, Google machine
+======== ============ =========== ================== ========================== ============================= =======
+======== ============ =========== ================== ========================== ============================= =======
+Platform Sub platform Host CPU(s) Manufacturer       compatible                 Other names/Notes             Link(s)
+======== ============ =========== ================== ========================== ============================= =======
+astbmc   p9sdu        Power9      Supermicro         "supermicro,p9dsu"         Boston, LC921/LC922           [#]_
 astbmc   romulus      Power9                         "ibm,romulus"              Romulus
-astbmc   vesnin       Power9      Yadro              "YADRO,vesnin"             VESNIN
+astbmc   talos        Power9      Raptor             "rcs,talos"                Similar to Romulus
 astbmc   witherspoon  Power9                         "ibm,witherspoon"          Witherspoon, Newell, AC922    [#]_
-astbmc   zaius        Power9      Ingrasys (Foxconn) "ingrasys,zaius"           Zaius, Google Machine
-ibm-fsp  apollo       Power8                         "ibm,apollo"
-ibm-fsp  firenze      Power8E     IBM                "ibm,firenze"              Tuleta, S812L, S822L          [#]_
+astbmc   zaius        Power9      Ingrasys (Foxconn) "ingrasys,zaius"           Zaius, Barreleye Gen2
 ibm-fsp  zz           Power9                         "ibm,zz-(1|2)s(2|4)u"
-rhesus   n/a          Power8E                        "ibm,powernv"              Rhesus, Google machine
 ======== ============ =========== ================== ========================== ============================= =======
+Dropped Platforms
+Support for Power7 based systems was removed in `v6.3-191-g16b7ae641037`.
+Power7 hardware was supported largely because it was the initial bringup
+platform for Skiboot. Once P8 hardware became available almost all
+development (and testing) on P7 ceased. Anyone interested in using OPAL on
+a P7 should look at one of the early `v5.x` releases.
 .. rubric:: Footnotes
 .. Firestone

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