[Skiboot] [PATCH v9 00/30] little endian skiboot

Nicholas Piggin npiggin at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 22:30:37 AEDT 2019

Frederic Barrat's on December 6, 2019 4:30 am:
> Le 29/11/2019 à 07:18, Nicholas Piggin a écrit :
>> A few reasons for this:
>> - The rest of the software is moving (moved) to LE. BE is still
>>    supported, but the fact is LE will be better tested from now on in
>>    terms of toolchain.
>> - ELFv2 ABI is a smaller image, nicer asm code. We can use ELFv2 with BE
>>    but toolchain won't officially support or test it.
>> - Some levels of OpenPOWER ISA allow a conforming implementation to
>>    implement LE only.
>> - Less stack usage of ELFv2 facilitates OPAL call convention that uses
>>    the host kernel stack (which is a whole different story but has
>>    benefits).
>> - Common endian with the host kernel can help with debugging skiboot
>>    with host kernel facilities (like BUG, xmon). We could achieve the
>>    same by teaching kernel about different endianness, but it's more work.
>> Notably missing from conversion:
>> - PHB3
>> - NPU and CAPI code
> Hi Nick,
> I did a quick pass on the opal calls for opencapi and capi2, and you've 
> already fixed the one call which needed it (patch 4).
> I ran some sniff tests for opencapi and capi2 and it was working well.

Hey Fred,

Great thanks for looking over the code and testing, that's very helpful.
I'll update the cover letter.


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