[Skiboot] trace settings

Raymond Higgs raymond.higgs at broadcom.com
Fri Sep 14 08:45:36 AEST 2018


Is it possible to change the trace settings without recompiling the
firmware?  I'm interested in messages like this:

[   90.072348476,5] OPAL skiboot-v6.0-p1da203b starting...
[   90.072352660,7] initial console log level: memory 7, driver 5
[   90.072354749,6] CPU: P9 generation processor (max 4 threads/core)
[   90.072356576,7] CPU: Boot CPU PIR is 0x0014 PVR is 0x004e1202

I wouldn't normally post to a development mailing list, but I have looked
through a lot of documentation, and cannot find a procedure for this.

We have an MT 9006-22P machine running RHEL7.5.  It has this firmware:

[root at power9 ibm,firmware-versions]# for xxx in `ls`; do echo $xxx: `cat
$xxx`; done
bmc-firmware-version: 1.23
hcode: hw051018a.op920
hostboot: f911e5c-pda8239f
linux: 4.16.7-openpower2-pbc45895
machine-xml: 218a77a
name: ibm,firmware-versions
occ: 77bb5e6-p623d1cd
petitboot: v1.7.1-pf773c0d
phandle: a
sbe: 8e0105e
skiboot: v6.0-p1da203b
version: SUPERMICRO-P9DSU-V1.16-20180531-prod

Please cc me with any replies because I'm not subscribed to the mailing

Kind regards,

Ray Higgs
4420 Arrowswest Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
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