[Skiboot] [RESEND] npu2-opencapi: Enable presence detection on ZZ

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.ibm.com
Fri Oct 26 10:22:13 AEDT 2018

Frederic Barrat <fbarrat at linux.ibm.com> writes:
> Presence detection for opencapi adapters was broken for ZZ planars v3
> and below. All ZZ systems currently used in the lab have had their
> planar upgraded, so we can now remove the override we had to force
> presence and activate presence detection. Which should improve boot
> time.
> Considering the state of opal support on ZZ, this is really only for
> lab usage on BML. The opencapi enablement team has okay'd the
> change. In the unlikely case somebody tries opencapi on an old ZZ, the
> presence detection through i2c will show that no adapter is present
> and skiboot won't try to access or train the link.
> Signed-off-by: Frederic Barrat <fbarrat at linux.ibm.com>
> ---
> Resending as the problems seen when the patch was sent the first time
> had nothing to do with the patch.
>  core/platform.c        | 6 ------
>  hw/npu2-common.c       | 3 +--
>  include/platform.h     | 1 -
>  platforms/ibm-fsp/zz.c | 5 -----
>  4 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 14 deletions(-)

Thanks, merged to master as of a92f432eae5b51d3b5a4b635b459ad84b2ab2240

Stewart Smith
OPAL Architect, IBM.

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