[Skiboot] [PATCH v2 00/11] Support building with clang

Joel Stanley joel at jms.id.au
Fri May 4 12:10:25 AEST 2018

Hello Skibooters!

This series contains cleanups and modifications that are required to
build skiboot with clang. This is version 2. It reorders the makefile
changes, drops some patches for the r13 handling (we didn't need them!)
and improves the parity() patch.

If you want to try it out:

 $ sudo apt-get install clang
 $ make CC=clang

I've done all of my testing with clang-7 (trunk). Clang 6 works fine

Joel Stanley (11):
  Makefile: Put some ppc options behind try-cflag tests
  Makefile: Add additional flags when using clang
  Makefile: Disable warnings to make clang happy
  asm: Fix up assembly for clang
  libflash/ecc: Remove hand rolled parity asm
  processor.h: implement sndmsg instructions
  Makefile: Use LD to link the final binary
  Fix asm-offsets generation
  pci-quirk: Fix initiliser warning
  imc: Remove extra parentheses in test
  fsp: Fix msg vaargs usage

 Makefile.main       | 47 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------
 asm/head.S          |  4 ++--
 core/pci-quirk.c    |  2 +-
 hw/fsp/fsp.c        |  4 ++--
 hw/imc.c            |  2 +-
 include/fsp.h       |  4 ++--
 include/processor.h | 33 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
 libflash/ecc.c      | 18 +----------------
 make_offsets.sh     |  2 +-
 9 files changed, 81 insertions(+), 35 deletions(-)


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