[Skiboot] [PATCH] mem_region: Merge similar allocations when dumping

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.ibm.com
Mon Jul 23 19:15:58 AEST 2018

"Oliver O'Halloran" <oohall at gmail.com> writes:
> Currently we print one line for each allocation done at runtime when
> dumping the memory allocations. We do a few thousand allocations at
> boot so this can result in a huge amount of text being printed which
> is a) slow to print, and b) Can result in the log buffer overflowing
> which destroys otherwise useful information.
> This patch adds a de-duplication to this memory allocation dump by
> merging "similar" allocations (same location, same size) into one.

Seems like a good idea, it's pretty damn verbose currently.

> Unfortunately, the algorithm used to do the de-duplication is quadratic,
> but considering we only dump the allocations in the event of a fatal
> error I think this is acceptable. I also did some benchmarking and found
> that on a ZZ it takes ~3ms to do a dump with 12k allocations. On a Zaius
> it's slightly longer at about ~10ms for 10k allocs. However, the
> difference there was due to the output being written to the UART.

I didn't think we were fatal when this occurs at runtime - we'd happily
continue executing if the failure was somewhere non-critical (which it
*should* be if we're doing memory allocation at runtime). So that gives
me pause on the quadratic part of it.

Maybe we should only dump the list of allocations on the first failure?
After that it's probably not too interesting.

> This patch also bumps the log level to PR_NOTICE. PR_INFO messages are
> suppressed at the default log level, which probably isn't something you
> want considering we only dump the allocations when we run out of skiboot
> heap space.

Could the motivation of not spamming the console with all the data be
that we didn't want to overwhelm the console in the case of We Did
Something Terrible?

At least in the past we've had bugs where we'd fail a memory allocation
at runtime and just print forever - which is a pretty nasty thing when
compared to the situations these bugs have been in (where continuing to
operate would be Just Fine).

Stewart Smith
OPAL Architect, IBM.

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