[Skiboot] [PATCH V2 0/4] Implement MBOX Protocol V2 Support

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Fri May 26 16:47:21 AEST 2017

Suraj Jitindar Singh <sjitindarsingh at gmail.com> writes:
> This series is version 2 of the patches to implement support for version
> 2 of the mbox protocol in skiboot.
> There has been minor rework from the patches Cyril posted previously as
> detailed in each patch.
> The final patch which implemented tests has been dropped for now.
> Cyril Bur (3):
>   libflash/mbox-flash: Minor fixups before V2
>   hw/lpc-mbox: Use message registers for interrupts
>   libflash/mbox-flash: Update to V2 of the protocol
> Suraj Jitindar Singh (1):
>   libflash/mbox-flash: Implement MARK_WRITE_ERASED mbox call

Thanks! Merged to master as of 3bb3f137d0b92e5f7ec596a07acd5eada0c09cc3,
and I'll take the test patches on Monday.

Stewart Smith
OPAL Architect, IBM.

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