[Skiboot] [PATCH v2 2/5] fast-reboot: creset PHBs on fast reboot

Andrew Donnellan andrew.donnellan at au1.ibm.com
Tue Jan 17 00:10:48 AEDT 2017

On 16/01/17 19:32, Andrew Donnellan wrote:
>> PCINOTICE(phb, 0, ...) indicates the message applies to root port,
>> not PHB.
> OK, will fix

Hmm, I notice there's a few other parts of the file that also use the 
PCI* macros with bdfn=0 to refer to the whole PHB. Do we need another 
macro to handle this case, or can we accept that as convention?

Andrew Donnellan              OzLabs, ADL Canberra
andrew.donnellan at au1.ibm.com  IBM Australia Limited

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