[Skiboot] [PATCH v3 00/29] the big fast reboot series, now with p9 support

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Dec 4 18:59:42 AEDT 2017

Nicholas Piggin <npiggin at gmail.com> writes:
> POWER9 was so close to working that I got a bunch of monkeys with
> typewriters to write xive reset code until it worked. The P9 fast
> reboot is very experimental and will probably break if you sneeze
> at it, but it works reliably for my very specific conditions so I
> think it's a good start for others to test and attack remaining
> missing bits. So I think it's worth merging.
> Since last time, other than p9 support, a smattering of pretty minor
> cleanups or fixes. Also fixed mambo support for fast reboot and
> enabled it by default, which actually turned out to be helpful in
> diagnosing a bug I had.

It also seems to work... well, all the changes that aren't run in fast
reboot path seem to not terribly break things, and at least on the
surface look good.

So, I think I agree that this should be good to merge... and I've got a
patch to op-test I'm about to push that enables the fast reboot test on

With luck, in the new year, we can look at turning this on by default on P9.

I had to make one fixup for 'make check', but other than that:
Merged to master as of acf2c345a98d47c85a5d836a9cca0257c3adc890.

I do suspect we have a bug somewhere on ZZ though... but I did just
update my ZZ's fsp build, so anything could be wrong :)

Stewart Smith
OPAL Architect, IBM.

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