[Skiboot] [RFC 1/2] hw/phb3: add OPAL call to get current PHB CAPI state

Andrew Donnellan andrew.donnellan at au1.ibm.com
Tue Sep 27 18:00:09 AEST 2016

On 27/09/16 17:44, Stewart Smith wrote:
> pre-kexec would be better, right? That way it's the BOOTKERNEL that is
> responsible for fixing up the world to the expected state.
> Seeing as in the kernel we do:
> static void pnv_shutdown(void)
> {
>         /* Let the PCI code clear up IODA tables */
>         pnv_pci_shutdown();
>         /*
>          * Stop OPAL activity: Unregister all OPAL interrupts so they
>          * don't fire up while we kexec and make sure all potentially
>          * DMA'ing ops are complete (such as dump retrieval).
>          */
>         opal_shutdown();
> }
> where opal_shutdown() is calling OPAL_SYNC_HOST_REBOOT, is doing the
> reset in there feasible? That way it could "just work" with existing
> kernels. I haven't looked too closely at the kernel code though... but
> it *looks* like it might not checkstop :)

I'll take a look at it - it would obviously be ideal to be able to do 
this with no changes to Linux...

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