[Skiboot] Barreleye platform code for skiboot

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Mon Feb 29 12:36:32 AEDT 2016

Hi Johnny,

Thanks for your contribution to the skiboot project!

Overall, the platform definition for barreleye looks good. I've put a
few comments against sections of the patch below.

However, it's not usual to send contributions as a password-protected
zip file to an open source project. Instead, just a plain-text patch
included inline (ie, instead of an attachment) makes things a lot easier
for the reviewers and maintainers.

Since you're probably using a git tree for skiboot, there are some git
commands you can use to automatically format your change into an
email-ready contribution:

  - `git format-patch <commit-range>`

     this turns all of the commits in <commit-range> into an email,
     using the proper Subject and changelog entries from the

     <commit-range> can be something like "origin/master..master"
     (which specifies all commits between the upstream master branch
     and your local master branch), or just "-1" (which specifies
     just the last one commit).

  - `git send-email --to <recipient> <files>`

    given a set of files produced by format-patch, send them using a
    preconfigured mail server (see `git send-email --help` for details
    on specifying a SMTP server).

I generally use something like:

   git format-patch origin/master..HEAD
   git send-email --to skiboot at lists.ozlabs.org *.patch

I understand that your company may not be able to send emails directly;
but at least using an inline-patch format, rather than attachments,
might help here. We can probably help you out to find a method of
making this easy for you.

You'll also need a signed-off-by line, to certify that your contribution
adheres to the developers certificate of origin (ie, that you have the
authorisation to submit the code to this project). See
http://developercertificate.org/ for details. That will look
something like:

   Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kerr <jk at ozlabs.org>

(but with the actual author's name, of course :) )

Here's an example of a correctly-formatted contribution:


Note how the patch is included inline, and the commit log is included as
part of the submission.

 From your patch:

> +++ b/platforms/astbmc/barreleye.c
> @@ -0,0 +1,174 @@
> +/* Copyright 2013-2014 IBM Corp.
> + *

You probably want to at least add Foxconn as a copyright holder here.

> +static bool barreleye_probe(void)
> +{
> +	if (!dt_node_is_compatible(dt_root, "foxconn,barreleye"))
> +		return false;

This looks like the first usage of the "foxconn," vendor prefix in a
device tree. This will become the standard vendor prefix for future
device-tree binding definitions from your company. Some companies use
their US stock-ticker name, and some use their full name, as you have
done here.

The prefix "foxconn" looks fine to me, but you should ensure that it's
future-proof for more contributions.

I'm assuming that the slot names are all correct. If so, the slot map
also looks good to me.

Best regards,

Jeremy Kerr

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