[Skiboot] [PATCH skiboot 0/2] Add pattern defintions for FWTS olog scan

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu Apr 28 14:10:35 AEST 2016

Jeremy Kerr <jk at ozlabs.org> writes:
> This series is a start at adding olog definitions for the skiboot OPAL
> firmware. This allows the Firmware Test Suite project (FWTS) to scan for
> interesting data in the OPAL msglog.
> Rather than making these static, I've taken the approach of
> automatically generating these definitions from the skiboot source tree.
> The first change adds a parser to generate the JSON olog pattern
> definitions from annotations in the skiboot tree.
> The second change adds a few example annotations.
> FWTS folks: I've CCed fwts-devel for your information only; these
> patches are for the skiboot tree.

I think this should work well, especially if we generate the patterns
from upstream skiboot.

Looks like the skiboot log priorities are being mapped to a fwts
warning/error, which is likely a good idea.

So, series merged to master as of d2c3259

Stewart Smith
OPAL Architect, IBM.

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