[Skiboot] OpenPower kernel is now 4.2

Joel Stanley joel at jms.id.au
Mon Sep 14 10:56:30 AEST 2015


Over the weekend the kernel used for Petitboot has been updated to a 4.2
base. The OPAL team has done a great job of getting their patches upstream,
and this lets us take advantage of that. It also makes it easier for
upcoming work in supporting booting from RAID hardware, for which driver
support is still on it's way upstream.

Instead of doing an entire git clone from Github we now fetch the tarball
from kernel.org and apply a small set of patches. This should mean faster
op-build build times for those of us building on slow networks.

The tree will still be maintained at https://github.com/open-power/linux,
and this tree will be used to generate the patch set which is added to our
op-build overlay. The current list is:

Patches we carry
 - drm/ast: Default to 8bpp on big endian
 - xhci: Use xhci_pci_remove for xhci device shutdown
 - xhci: do not halt the secondary HCD
 - net/bnx2x: Add shutdown handler

Upstream in 4.3
 - powerpc/kexec: Reset HILE before kexec_sequence
 - powerpc/kexec: Reset secondary cpu endianess before kexec

And then two more patches for setting the version number and add a

I will work on upstreaming the patches we carry so in the future the delta
is minimal.

Let me know if you see any issues with the new kernel.


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