[Skiboot] [PATCH 11/11] Add basic documentation of skiboot gcov

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu May 7 18:19:17 AEST 2015

Signed-off-by: Stewart Smith <stewart at linux.vnet.ibm.com>
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+GCOV for skiboot
+Unit tests
+All unit tests are built+run with gcov enabled.
+make coverage-report
+will generate a unit test coverage report like:
+You can now build Skiboot itself with gcov support, boot it on a machine,
+do things, and then extract out gcda files to generate coverage reports
+from real hardware (or a simulator).
+Building Skiboot with GCOV
+You may need to "make clean" first.
+This will build a skiboot lid roughly *twice* the size.
+Flash/Install the skiboot.lid and boot.
+Extracting GCOV data
+The way we extract the gcov data from a system is by dumping the contents
+of skiboot memory and then parsing the data structures in user space with
+the extract-gcov utility in the skiboot repo.
+  mysim memory fwrite 0x30000000 0x240000 skiboot.dump
+  getmemproc 30000000 3407872 -fb skiboot.dump
+linux (e.g. petitboot environment):
+  dd if=/proc/kcore skip=1572864 count=6656  of=skiboot.dump
+You basically need to dump out the 2MB of skiboot.
+You will need to find the following message in the skiboot log:
+[2822590,5] GCOV: gcov_info_list at 0x3010a350
+That address needs to be supplied to the extract-gcov utility:
+./extract-gcov skiboot.dump 0x3010a350
+Once you've run extract-gcov, it will have extracted the gcda files
+from the skiboot memory image.
+You can then run lcov:
+lcov -b . -q -c -d . -o skiboot-boot.info \
+*IMPORTANT* you should point lcov to the gcov for the compiler you used
+to build skiboot, otherwise you're likely to get errors.

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