[Skiboot] The state of "Running pollers with lock held"

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Mar 25 16:23:40 AEDT 2015

Vasant Hegde <hegdevasant at linux.vnet.ibm.com> writes:

> On 03/25/2015 08:26 AM, Stewart Smith wrote:
>> So,
>> I merged my patch to rework fsp_fetch_data to support proper
>> asynchronous fetching. This gets rid of the major source of these
>> warnings.
> I have not gone through your patches yet.. Will take a look tomorrow.
>> We may still have something in an op_display() code path (I should
>> really save the backtrace next time I see it).
>> We also have:
>> [3742482870,3] Running pollers with lock held !
>> CPU 00a0 Backtrace:
>>  S: 0000000031c839e0 R: 0000000030013a98   .backtrace+0x40
>>  S: 0000000031c83a60 R: 0000000030019ec8   .opal_run_pollers+0x9c
>>  S: 0000000031c83af0 R: 0000000030027074   .wait_for_resource_loaded+0x48
>>  S: 0000000031c83b90 R: 0000000030047104   .capp_load_ucode+0x1e0
>>  S: 0000000031c83c80 R: 000000003004d9bc   .probe_phb3+0x1240
>>  S: 0000000031c83e30 R: 0000000030014be0   .main_cpu_entry+0x468
>>  S: 0000000031c83f00 R: 000000003000253c   boot_entry+0x194
> I had fixed this one along with poller patch.. Looks like you have not applied
> that..
> https://lists.ozlabs.org/pipermail/skiboot/2015-March/000692.html

Instead of that patch, could we move the starting of loading the LID to
earlier in PHB setup, only taking capi_lock right at the very end to
dump things into it.

Mikey? Your thoughts?

>> as well as (when doing code update):
>> [32872663019955,3] Running pollers with lock held !
>> CPU 0020 Backtrace:
>>  S: 0000000031a83960 R: 0000000030013a98   .backtrace+0x40
>>  S: 0000000031a839e0 R: 0000000030019ec8   .opal_run_pollers+0x9c
>>  S: 0000000031a83a70 R: 00000000300548e8   .fsp_sync_msg+0xb8
>>  S: 0000000031a83b20 R: 000000003005d2d8   .fsp_flash_firmware+0xbc
>>  S: 0000000031a83c20 R: 000000003006b070   .ibm_fsp_cec_reboot+0x7c
>>  S: 0000000031a83cb0 R: 0000000030026d20   .opal_cec_reboot+0x6c
>>  S: 0000000031a83d40 R: 0000000030005138   opal_entry+0x78
>>  S: 0000000031a83f00 R: 00000000300025c4   secondary_wait+0x84
> Since its related to code update I will take a look :-)


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