[Skiboot] Preparing for skiboot-5.0

Cedric Le Goater clg at fr.ibm.com
Thu Mar 5 01:27:35 AEDT 2015

Hi Stewart,

On 03/04/2015 07:25 AM, Stewart Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
> In about a week I'm thinking is a good time to tag skiboot-5.0
> It will have a bunch of FSP, BMC and OpenPower related code and has a
> bunch of extra features and capabilities over skiboot-4.1.1.
> In the time up until then, any extra testing is *very* welcome.
> I'm thinking the likely set of patches to be applied that aren't already
> are the ones currently on the list - see
> https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/skiboot/list/ along with any other
> patches that are important to get in.

The sparse patchset should be ok to take. 

The patch "[05/25] sparse: fix function argument test" will need a 
kernel side update as well. I was planning to send it after OPAL is 

As for the DTS patchset, I think you should wait.

The patchset breaks compatibility with the older kernels and, from the 
latest discussions, this is not what we want : older distros on new 
firmware should continue to have sensor support.

This means that the DTS patchset should be doing something else than 
what it proposes. It should add in a seamlessly fashion a new set of 
nodes for the DTS and update the Linux ibmpowernv driver to take them 
into account. 

I will re-work the code in that direction. This should be possible but
the current layout is difficult to extend and manipulate. The main reason 
being that the sensor type, index, and attribute name are encoded in the 
node name.


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