[Skiboot] Tagged skiboot-4.1.1 release

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Fri Jan 30 12:22:44 AEDT 2015

Hi everyone!

I just tagged a skiboot 4.1.1 release, and Jeremy has sent up a pull
request for op-build/buildroot to build OpenPower pnor images with it.

Release notes are as follows:

   * fsp: Avoid NULL dereference in case of invalid class_resp bits
     CQ: SW288484
   * Makefile: Support CROSS_COMPILE as well as CROSS
   * Additional unit testing:
     * Tiny hello_world kernel
     * Will run boot tests with hello_world and (if present) petitboot
       image in the POWER8 Functional simulator (mambo) (if present)
     * Run CCAN unit tests as part of 'make check'
     * Increased testing of PEL code
     * unit test console-log
     * skeleton libc unit tests
   * Fix compatible match for palmetto & habanero
     The strings should be "tyan,..." not "ibm,..."
     (N/A for IBM systems)
   * i2c: Unify the frequencies to calculate bit rate divisor
   * Unlock rtc cache lock when cache isn't valid
     Could cause IPL crash on POWER7
   * Initial documentation for OPAL API, ABI and Specification
   * Add Firestone platform
   * Fix crash when one socket wasn't populated with a CPU
     LTC-Bugzilla: 120562
   * Bug fix in RTC state machine which possibly led to RTC not working
   * Makefile fixes for running with some GCC 4.9 compilers
   * Add device tree properties for pstate vdd and vcs values
   * cpuidle: Add validated metrics for idle states
     Export residency times in device tree
   * Revert "platforms/astbmc: Temporary reboot workaround"
     (N/A for IBM systems)
   * Fix buffer overrun in print_* functions.
     This could cause IPL failures or conceivably other runtime problems

Some statistics:

Processed 44 csets from 9 developers
A total of 1886 lines added, 188 removed (delta 1698)

Developers with the most changesets
Stewart Smith               25 (56.8%)
Joel Stanley                 4 (9.1%)
Neelesh Gupta                4 (9.1%)
Jeremy Kerr                  3 (6.8%)
Mahesh Salgaonkar            2 (4.5%)
Benjamin Herrenschmidt       2 (4.5%)
Michael Ellerman             2 (4.5%)
Preeti U Murthy              1 (2.3%)
Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli    1 (2.3%)

Developers with the most changed lines
Stewart Smith             1480 (77.3%)
Mahesh Salgaonkar          235 (12.3%)
Jeremy Kerr                 79 (4.1%)
Neelesh Gupta               29 (1.5%)
Benjamin Herrenschmidt      21 (1.1%)
Preeti U Murthy             18 (0.9%)
Joel Stanley                11 (0.6%)
Michael Ellerman             7 (0.4%)
Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli    6 (0.3%)

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