Petitboot on Odroid HC4 forgets Debian boot option

Dennis Verbeek petitboot at
Tue Nov 15 00:36:36 AEDT 2022

Hey Jeremy,

> You mean bypassing petitboot? Sorry, I have no idea about the odroid's firmware boot process :(

No, Petitboot is usually not bypassed for the Odroid devices. The Odroid HC4 has a number of 
bootable options like Micro-SD slot, USB-port and 2 SATA-ports. And Petitboot can probably boot them 
all. I have a full Debian Bullseye running off a Micro-SD card, again booted with Petitboot. The 
Odroid HC4 also comes with an optional small OLED display that is driven by Petitboot. See

There are some distributions like LibreElec/CoreElec (Mediaplayer in an image.) that need to erase 
Petitboot from flash and have U-Boot directly boot their image.


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