Petitboot v1.10.0 released

Samuel Mendoza-Jonas sam at
Thu Dec 13 14:19:14 AEDT 2018

Petitboot v1.10.0 has been tagged.

v1.10.0 brings a few fixes and some new features including:

- Support for restricted users, aka "Passwords", aka "Petitusers".
Add a bunch of plumbing and ncurses interface support for having only pb-
discover run as root and all clients and shells running as unprivileged
users. If a password is configured most actions now require the user to
authenticate. Since the shell runs as a normal user this also prevents
someone being able to "accidentally" wipe or modify attached storage from
the shell.
For an example of enabling this functionality, see:

- Support the IPMI Boot Initiator Mailbox
Allows Petitboot to read a 'petitboot,bootdevs=...' string from IPMI and
use it in place of the saved boot order, allowing much more flexibility
versus the existing boot override options.

- Add support for initrd16 builtin in grub

- Retry dm-device remove if busy
Making the recovery path for failed snapshots much more reliable.

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