[Pdbg] [PATCH 04/10] path: Add device tree path based targeting

Amitay Isaacs amitay at ozlabs.org
Thu Nov 1 14:06:50 AEDT 2018

On Thu, 2018-11-01 at 12:56 +1100, Alistair Popple wrote:
> > +/**
> > + * @brief Iterator for list of path targets
> > + *
> > + * @param[in]  prev The last pdbg target
> > + * @param[in]  only_enabled Whether to list enabled targets or all
> Just a minor documentation nit-pick ... reading that makes me think
> it would 
> just check the status. However it also has the side-effect of trying
> to probe 
> the device first.

Hmm..  I added probing in line with the current code.  But now I think
that this code should not probe targets at all.  That way there are no

I think we should add explicit probing before running the command and
explicit release after the command has executed.  That way you don't
need incremental probing as done in the for_each_target and
for_each_child_target macros.

How about something like:


   rc = cmd(args, flags);


Then each command does not have to worry about the probing targets and
only use for_each_path_target_enabled() or
for_each_path_target_class().  May be we will also need

> In general I think it would be nicer to have seperate macros/calls
> for probed 
> and enabled only vs. iterating over all rather than a bool flag whos
> meaning is 
> a little less obvious when reading the calls in code.



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