[Patchwork-maintainers] patchwork.ozlabs.org downtime for maintenance - 15/16 August

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Thu Aug 18 10:18:55 AEST 2022

Hi Rob,

> > I'll do a bit of experimentation here to see what's up, will keep
> > you
> > posted.
> Actually, it is worse than just slow. New patches aren't showing up
> since before the move.

Looks like I missed a dependency for the custom filter for the DT feed;
apologies for that. I've updated the filter, and incoming patches
should be parsed from here on.

I've also had a look at the speed issues, which seem particularly bad
for the DT list. We've bumped up the system memory, and tweaked the
indexes a little; things look a little faster now, but keep me posted
on performance there too.



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