Pain points in Git's patch flow

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Sat May 8 14:41:02 AEST 2021

On 08/05/21 09.08, dwh at wrote:

> Think about it like this. Right now, I could use an IMAP client to
> download all of my emails from GMail, store them in mbox files, then
> use the IMAP client to upload the email to Fastmail or or some
> other email provider. Or better yet, I can install local tools for
> working with my email. The fact that email providers/tools are largely
> interchangeable and replacable--despite Google/Yahoo/Microsoft's best
> efforts--gives maximum power to users.

Well, I use Thunderbird because it supports Gmail accounts out of the box.
But I wish I could use Mutt or similar, alas Gmail requires that I need
to enable 2FA and s/<google account password>/<specific app password>/
in order to access Gmail via Mutt. I currently steer clear from 2FA, because
once upon a time in 2018 I screwed up (locked-out) from my older account,
which IMO mission-critical., for I couldn't pass all possible verification
methods for that. So I created new account one in about Día de Kartini
(Kartini's day).

And yes, Google/Yahoo/MS have webmail interface for their mail services
(Gmail/YahooMail/Outlook), but for purposes for sending to,
these above are rubbish because they genereated HTML emails, and vger hate
HTML emails.

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