Pain points in Git's patch flow

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at
Sat May 1 07:09:53 AEST 2021

Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> He'll be working on a bit of an experimental project: we want to take
> Patchwork[1], which in principle can be a helpful addition to a
> mailing list centric workflow[2], and improve it to be something that
> people in the Git open source project get day-to-day benefit from.
> Raxel's previous successes in making changes to tools to support a
> better user experience make me excited for the potential for this
> work.

Raxel, I would consider looking at nmbug[1]. It is a tool developed by
the notmuch team in order to deal with patches both in command line and
web interfaces.

As you can see from the discussion that ensured from the original mail,
the git community does care about the command line interface a great

> Those four are important in my everyday life.  Questions:
>  1. What pain points in the patch flow for git.git are important to
>     you?

My only real pain point is that sometimes a patch series is sent as a
subthread of another patch series, which makes it difficult for me to
mentally separate the two.

>  2. What tricks do you use to get by with those existing pain points?

There is nothing I can do. This is a culture thing that hopefully will

>  3. Do you think patchwork goes in a direction that is likely to help
>     with these?


>  4. What other tools would you like to see that could help?

nmbug[1], but again, it depends on how it's actually used.



Felipe Contreras

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