Introduction + Importing git mailing list archives

Raxel Gutierrez raxel at
Thu Jun 17 07:14:23 AEST 2021

Hi Patchwork team,

I am a new Google intern with the Git Core team (hosted by jrnieder).
I don't have much experience with the Git open-source community and
the mailing list centric workflow but Jonathan and his team have been
helping me. I am going to be contributing to the Patchwork project;
mainly focused on improving its usability. Most of my experience
involves web apps (including Django) and UX/UI with a usability focus.
I am really excited to contribute to the project for the next couple
of months during my internship. Please feel free to contact me about
anything. I will be communicating design mockups and various ideas to
develop in the near future.

My first question:

I set up my development environment for Patchwork through the manual
installation steps. Since I am focusing on the Git project, I am
trying to set up a test instance using the Git mailing list archive. I
was able to successfully import the Patchwork mailing list archives as
outlined [1]. The Patchwork mailing list uses a mailman instance but
the Git mailing list doesn't, so the instructions wouldn’t work [2].
My host (jrnieder) helped me locate a file [3] that Konstantin wrote
which seems to already solve this issue, so I am interested in any
pointers you have about the setup.



[2] Referring to the and archives


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