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Thu Jul 15 21:45:25 AEST 2021


I attached a long image of a patch detail page mockup I made. I
recommend zooming in and scrolling down to see any details, but I'll
be mentioning the important changes. First, an idea from Emily about
having a table that connects an individual patch with its various
revisions. The table also adds a 'Comments' column that includes the
unaddressed and addressed comment right after icons that help to
indicate the status. The tags column is carried over from the regular
patch list. Also, the 'Comments' column is something that I think
should be added to the central patch list table.

Some changes that were inspired by FDO's version of Patchwork is
having the 'Patch' section of a patch be right after the 'Commit
Message', making it easier to find rather than after what can be many
comments for a patch. Additionally, there is now a 'Hide' button to be
able to collapse the 'Patch' section if desired. Also, some
controls/info has been right-aligned for easier parsing of the screen.

Last but not least, each comment header includes a label to indicate
whether a comment is addressed or unaddressed as well as buttons to
change that state of the comment. The buttons will be the intended
users of patch authors, delegates, and maintainers. The visibility of
the controls is up in the air for the un-authorized users, but having
it hidden would be the simplest way to implement first. The
labels/buttons are consistent with the proposed 'Comments' column for
patch lists. Also, this added feature should work well and be
transferred over to the TODO list currently available in Patchwork.

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