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Sat Jul 3 02:50:50 AEST 2021


I designed a mockup for the UI of the “Patches” page for Patchwork
that moves the actions that can be made on selected patches up above
the list of patches. As can be seen, there is now a sort of action bar
that can be used to change the state of and delegate someone to a
patch. Also, there’s a text field to create a bundle as before.
Additionally, for more one-off changes there are dropdowns for the
delegate and state so that users can make those specific changes. When
a user changes the selected option, the change will be made right
away. I think confirmation is not necessary as any erroneous changes
can be undone, but if anyone feels that confirmation is required
please provide feedback. I would like general feedback about the patch
list action bar and the feel of the UI changes. Does the UI seem
fairly learnable? Are the possible actions that can be taken to change
a patch’s state and delegate as well as create a bundle clear?

Currently, when a user is not logged in, the table rows are not
selectable and the form to make changes is not visible at the bottom.
This behavior makes sense from the perspective of preventing behavior
that can’t occur (better for safety). An alternative suggested by
Jonathan that I think can be discussed is to have the rows selectable
and the new action bar visible. If a user doesn’t realize they aren’t
signed in, a popup message that lets them know to sign in when they
try to submit changes would be helpful for them to figure that out.
Adding on to that, users that don’t have accounts, and simply want to
explore the website can see what actions are afforded to them without
actually making changes.

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