Introduction + Importing git mailing list archives

Raxel Gutierrez raxel at
Thu Jul 1 02:37:28 AEST 2021

On Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 9:38 AM Konstantin Ryabitsev
<konstantin at> wrote:
> It's easy to use public-inbox archives as your patchwork sources, after some
> initial configuration (primarily, so you properly import GitGitGadget series).
> This should import the entirety of git archives (15 years worth) into
> patchwork. Once it's done, you can continuously import new messages by setting
> up the grok-pull service as described in the post I linked
> above.
> Please let me know if you run into any troubles.

Thank you a lot for the help! Sorry for the late response. I started
looking into importing the mailing list with Jonathan a bit ago and
did encounter one issue but will likely reach out if we're not able to
figure it out! Wanted to leave an update :)


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