Patchwork v3.0.1 Available

Stephen Finucane stephen at
Sun Feb 21 03:26:21 AEDT 2021

We're pleased to announce the release of Patchwork v3.0.1. This release is part
of the "Grosgrain" release series:

This release is a PATCH release that focuses on bugfixes. For more details,
please see below.

Happy patchworking!


Changes in Patchwork v3.0.0..v3.0.1

52a15aac Release 3.0.1
f0f0b637 docs: Update docs to point to v3.0.0 release
6c73a55c models: Use parent model to get comment's 'list_archive_url'
efd9ab09 tests: Fix compatibility with openapi_core 0.13.7
22531478 urls: Support sha256-based tokens

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