Pain points in Git's patch flow

Sebastian Schuberth sschuberth at
Tue Apr 20 05:49:46 AEST 2021

On Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 9:36 PM Eric Wong <e at> wrote:

> > Also, I wouldn't say I "gave up in frustration". It was a mostly
> > unemotional decision on which of the many OSS projects I contribute to
> > my rare spare time is spent best.
> I guess some things aren't for everybody.  When I started
> git-svn, I never expected git to be the right tool for others.
> I figured most folks could just continue using SVN since they
> seem to like centralized things or at least have some sort of
> "authority" to look to.
> I'm largely uninvolved with git nowadays since I'm reasonably
> satisfied with how it works; that and I prefer scripting
> languages rather than ahead-of-time languages.

True, since quite a while I'm also at a point where I'm satisfied with
how Git (for Windows) works, so I also ceased to see the need to
contribute. That's indeed another reason I forgot to mention.

> To watch a particular filename, the "dfn:" prefix may be used.
> The prefixes supported for a particular instance are documented in
> <>, and you
> can watch multiple files by combining with "OR".

Thanks for pointing out these interesting features, I wasn't aware of them.

> I don't think any sort of radicle "flag day" or tool mandate is
> going to fly.  I seem to recall at least one prominent Linux
> kernel hacker doesn't even use git; though I'm not sure if
> that's still the case.

Like you said in the beginning, I guess some things aren't for everybody.

> Email is already well-established with a good amount of small
> players, and plain-text is relatively inexpensive.  So it seems
> best to build off the only halfway-decentralized thing we have
> in wide use, rather than trying to start from scratch.

While I can understand that conservative approach for a community
around a tool as important as Git, I still fear that only ever
sticking to technology that is already in wide use will hinder to look
over the rim of the tea cup.

Sebastian Schuberth

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