[PATCH v2] models: Validate Project.linkname does not contain forward slash

Thomas Bracht Laumann Jespersen t at laumann.xyz
Sat Sep 26 23:03:24 AEST 2020

> Thanks! This is one of those things you just assume people are doing so
> you never bother enforcing it :) In hindsight, the 'Project.linkname'
> field is supposed to be a slug - that is, restricted to letters,
> numbers, underscores and hyphens. You'd use 'Project.name' if you
> wanted more details. Does it make sense to enforce that, as opposed to
> simply excluding slashes? If so, I suspect we should use the built-in
> 'validate_unicode_slug' validator [1]?
> Thoughts/objections?

I think that's even better, if that's the original intention. I'll submit a new
patch. Thanks for getting back on this :-)

-- Thomas

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