[rfc] Extending Patchwork as a GSoC project

Stephen Finucane stephen at that.guru
Thu May 7 23:31:01 AEST 2020

On Thu, 2020-05-07 at 09:00 +0530, Rohit Sarkar wrote:
> > > Rohit, I guess the best thing you can do is to play with a local
> > > patchwork instance. Convert an existing public inbox back to a mbox and
> > > split it in the middle. Then, feed the first half to patchwork, and try
> > > to receive all patches via the API. Then, feed the second half and try
> > > to receive the rest of the patches. Compare the result of the API (e.g.,
> > > all Patchwork-IDs) with the database entries of Patchwork to ensure that
> > > we didn't miss a single mail.
> > 
> > The good news is that local patchwork instances are fairly easy to set
> > up with docker-compose, and the docs should be reasonable. (And if
> > they're not we're keen to fix them.)
> Agreed. It was very easy for me to setup a local instance. The docs are
> amazing!

Thanks! :)


(Still reading the rest of the thread)

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