Wrong message order in patch view

Petr Vorel pvorel at suse.cz
Fri Mar 27 00:00:28 AEDT 2020

Hi Stephen,

> > I found interesting bug in patch view: messages are in wrong order.
> > #5 should be actually before #4.

> It looks like the emails themselves were incorrect.

> #5, which was really #4, is dated [1]:

>   Wed Mar 25 00:35:51 CET 2020

> #4, which was really #5, is dated [2]:

>   Tue Mar 24 19:07:39 CET 2020

> Patchwork is simply sorting things by date - it doesn't thread replies
> - so this is working as intended. We could investigate threading emails
> in the comment view but that's an RFE more so than a bugfix.

> I imagine either you or Cyril probably need to fix your MUA :)
Thanks for investigating it. I'm sorry, as I wrote it was a configuration
problem on Cyril's side (wrong time set, result of testing his time namespace
patches tests :)).

I didn't expect such issue, I'll check it on our side before reporting to you
next time.

Kind regards,

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