Handling multiple patches with the same hash in pwclient?

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Wed Jun 24 06:16:56 AEST 2020


I've got a bug report that I found over a common for me case over in

I took the post-commit git hook and made a short shell script out of it,
to keep patchwork up to date between releases, for our maintainers that
don't use patchwork directly.  This works fine in most cases, but
sometimes fails because more than one patch has the same hash.  For
give the same hash of "a75890825af3de9740f2d0c5527a72fa33583ae6" and so
doing something like:
pwclient info -h a75890825af3de9740f2d0c5527a72fa33583ae6

fails because there's two valid results, not one.  I see some commands
support being told to return only the first (or last) N matches, but not
info.  I assume something on the server side would need changing here,
rather than the client side, after a quick peek around in pwclient
sources.  But perhaps I missed something?  Thanks!

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