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Stephen Rothwell sfr at
Wed Jun 3 12:18:15 AEST 2020

Hi Jeremy,

On Wed, 03 Jun 2020 09:03:10 +0800 Jeremy Kerr <jk at> wrote:
> > Our documentation [1] suggests people initialize their development
> > environments by download the archives of the Patchwork mailing lists
> > from [2] and load them with the 'parsearchive' command. However, it's
> > been pointed out to me that at request to [1] now return only a handful
> > of recent messages. Is this change intentional?  
> No, no intentional change there; that's just something exported by
> mailman, I'm not sure how it's managed.
> sfr: has anything changed on the mailman side there?

No, not reaally. :-) I regularly rotate and compress that file ...  and
I am suprised to learn that it is (meant to be) directly accessible.
Oh, well, I have recombined the rotations into the above file, so it
should work again.

Stephen Rothwell
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