Patchwork v2.1.6 Available

Daniel Axtens dja at
Tue Apr 14 17:04:05 AEST 2020

We're pleased to announce the release of Patchwork v2.1.6. This release
is part of the "Eolienne" release series:

This release is a PATCH release that focuses on bugfixes. For more
details, please see below.

Note that Patchwork 2.2 is also now available. It includes these fixes
and many new features.

Happy patchworking!


Changes in Patchwork v2.1.5..v2.1.6

2dd5d6c82d51 Release 2.1.6
eddea66d243d REST: Add release note for faster queries
90d85e24f120 REST: extend performance improvements to other parts of the API
4e3100fb3d26 REST: fix patch listing query
913f1957f934 REST: massively improve the patch counting query under filters
f40bcd034010 REST: Fix duplicate project queries
58051431a33f Handle pull requests with random trailing space
aa75400ff7cf parser: Fix style issues
86137cc1fa42 Improve pull request URL matching regex
37179103a0dd docs: Fix link to deployment guide
da24345592cd templates: Fix mismatched close tags
ea6a7bb00ec7 sql: Fix table lists
fcac7790c5e3 Post-release version bump

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