Patchwork v2.1.5 Available

Stephen Finucane stephen at
Wed Sep 25 03:10:02 AEST 2019

We're pleased to announce the release of Patchwork v2.1.5. This release
is part of the "Eolienne" release series:

This release is a PATCH release that focuses on bugfixes. For more
details, please see below.

Happy patchworking!


Changes in Patchwork v2.1.4..v2.1.5

8a8eb858 Release 2.1.5
9d6c86ef Fix issue with delegation of patch via REST API
a938f952 tests: Split up tests in 'test_patch'
47744ffa parsearchive, mail: use repr() to get a human readable exception
6a716c42 mbox: do not copy Content-Type into exported mbox
b4592c96 Post-release version bump

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