Patchwork 3 branch

Daniel Axtens dja at
Fri Oct 18 14:21:01 AEDT 2019

Hi all,

We're getting pretty close to a 2.2 release, but there's a few things
kicking around already that I want to consider for patchwork 3. I don't
want to delay 2.2 forever and squeeze everything in, but I also don't
want the patches to rot while we sort out the final 2.2 stuff.

So I'm starting a topic branch for Patchwork 3: patchwork3 on the usual
repository. I will consider patches labelled with pw3 or patchwork3 for
the branch.

Rather than trying to do One Big Merge, I'm probably going to keep
rebasing it on master. Because that involves rewriting history, I'm
going to be a bit more relaxed about taking patches during the review
process and replacing them with subsequent spins if needed. (This is in
contrast to the current approach where we take patches after review is
complete and do not rewrite history.) This applies to patches for this
branch only, and is not a general change in policy!

I would encourage you to send patches for pw3 sooner rather than later.
As I will be doing the rebasing, this is also in your interest,
especially if you want database changes and don't enjoy rebasing
migrations :)

So far I have pushed my XML-RPC removal series, and I'm going to send
and push some patches to drop python2 soonish. After that, the big
database reshuffle!


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