[PATCH] parser: Unmangle From: headers that have been mangled for DMARC purposes

Ian Kelling iank at fsf.org
Sat Oct 12 04:36:16 AEDT 2019

Christian Schoenebeck <qemu_oss at crudebyte.com> writes:

> 4. MTA's should also address this DKIM issue more accurately.

I agree that Exim should be changed as you suggest.

> By taking these things into account, emails of domains with strict DMARC 
> policies are no longer munged on gnu lists.

Additional info: Migration of many gnu/nongnu.gnu.org lists is still in
progress for another week or so, then that will be true for most of
them. For a minority of lists, the list administrators have set weird
settings like making all messages have from: rewritten as from this
list, and we are leaving them as is since the list administrators opted
in to that at some point. But if the list deals with patches and not
modifying the headers is useful to the people on the list, I think a
request to change the list settings is likely to be accepted by the list

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