RFE: use patchwork to submit a patch

Konstantin Ryabitsev konstantin at linuxfoundation.org
Tue Nov 12 07:38:39 AEDT 2019

On Fri, Nov 08, 2019 at 03:25:00PM +0100, Dmitry Vyukov wrote:
> > Would you like a mail sending account so you can use mail.kernel.org 
> > as
> > your outgoing smtp? We promise we won't do anything that nasty. :)
> >
> > -K
> You know that we also serve Fuchsia, Akaros, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD
> and potentially Windows and Darwin in the future, right? :)
> How does that work? Currently we just call mail.Send:
> https://cloud.google.com/appengine/docs/standard/go/mail/reference
> and it magically does the thing. I can't even setup my own email
> client, so don't expect lots from me :)

I didn't realize you were using appengine, so I have no idea if using an 
external SMTP submission server is even feasible. I'm sure it can be 
done, but since you're serving all those other communities as well, that 
makes the offer of acting as a submission point a bit more tricky. :) 
Perhaps we can revisit this idea once you start publishing a feed?


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