Patchwork v2.1.2 Available

Daniel Axtens dja at
Fri May 3 17:05:00 AEST 2019

We're pleased to announce the release of Patchwork v2.1.2. This release
is part of the "Eolienne" release series:

This release is a PATCH release that focuses on bugfixes. For more
details, please see below.

Happy patchworking!


Changes in Patchwork v2.1.1..v2.1.2

bc4c011e8947 Release 2.1.2
9b4d7a2cf4b8 Add support for Django REST Framework 3.9
4a4862f6d187 Add support for django-filter 1.1
b99531224fcb Add support for Django REST Framework 3.7, 3.8
233e6849f636 REST: A check must specify a state
d963655ccd89 REST: Handle regular form data requests for checks
b7aa6f1f62c5 REST: Handle JSON requests
ea9301b76d0f notifications: fix notification expiry when no user is associated
ca544ba9e197 REST: Add new setting for maximum API page size
641b12321690 REST: Check.user is not read-only
0c60d688d0ac parser: recognise git commit consisting only of empty new file
b00cb3cb8a67 tests: Add tests for 'series-completed' event
aa6f4f0385a3 parser: Ensure whitespace is stripped for long headers
413bd043df90 models: Ensure UserProfile.user is configured
3a98b6b10ae8 REST: Fix typo in embedded serializers
62b0f0406895 REST: Ensure submission exists for comment listing
63165ec62db3 REST: Ensure patch exists for check creation
85c31c5a3222 REST: Show 'web_url' in embedded series responses
4f1dc4febf7b Don't passthrough 'Content-Type: multipart/signed' header
7d0b1ddef172 Resolve Python 3.6 warnings
877a52413167 tox: Disable W504 ("line break after binary operator")
32248ce9c4ac Post-release version bump

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