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Mon Jun 3 23:03:06 AEST 2019

Hi Stephen, hi all,

we (Ralf Ramsauer, Lukas Bulwahn and me) are currently working on extending the capabilities of Patchwork by combining it with a tool called PaStA [1] (Patch Stack Analysis). PaStA is the outcome of a research project [2] by the Technical University of Applied Sciences Regensburg. It analyses and compares all mails in a mailing list to find related ones (e.g former versions of the patch, see [3]). Ralf compared PaStA's results for the Linux kernel mailing list with a manually created ground truth and achieved an accuracy of 91%. This motivated us to integrate PaStA into Patchwork.

Showing related patches (beside ones in the current series) allows developers to understand the patch's evolution better. We have adjusted the patch details view and renamed the series patch links from "related" to "series". Our new related row shows the patches related to each other by PaStA [3][4]. The relations between the patches in the screenshot were made manually and the next steps will be to automate this procedure with PaStA. 

Stephen, what's your opinion about this?


Mete Polat

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