[BUG?] auto-logout while actively doing something

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Fri Jan 25 20:22:48 AEDT 2019


I'm not *completely* sure what happened, but I think I just did the
following on patchwork.kernel.org (v2.1.0 according to the footer):

 * view my patches - see some are missing. I use
   because the TODO list is very slow (needs to go crawl all projects)
 * go to the patch list for this project
 * select a few patches and delegate them to myself, this appeared to
   have worked (no error messages) but I didn't pay attention to whether
   or not it had actually updated the list
 * go back to view my patches (again the URL above), here I noticed
   the checkboxes disappeared so I was no longer logged in

Now I saw that the patches had in fact NOT been delegated to me.

So it looks like patchwork automatically logged me out while I was in
the middle of selecting the patches to delegate to me, and when I
clicked submit there was no feedback or request to log in?


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