Detect commit_ref automatically

Michael Ellerman mpe at
Thu Aug 29 16:36:11 AEST 2019

Hi Mete,

Mete Polat <metepolat2000 at> writes:
> Hi Michael, hi all,
> As you are currently working on adding commit_url_format to Project...
> How is commit_ref actually set? As far as I have seen the only way
> setting this field right now is by manually using the API (or git-pw)
> right?

AFAIK yes.

> As pointed out in a former mail [1], we are currently working on
> combining a tool called PaStA with Patchwork. Besides finding related
> patches (e.g. revisions) on a mailing list, PaStA is also capable of
> comparing patches on a mailing list with commits in an upstream git
> repository by using sophisticated heuristics. This allows us to
> automatically find and set the commit-sha (commit_ref field) for a
> patch. If anyone else (or you?) is working on a similar feature or is
> just interested, feel free to contact us.

Interesting. I am not working on anything to set commit_ref
automatically, but I would definitely be interested in something that


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