[PATCH v3 4/5] tox: Integrate tox-docker

Daniel Axtens dja at axtens.net
Thu Aug 22 23:52:58 AEST 2019

>>  .. code-block:: shell
>> -   $ tox -e py27-django18
>> +   $ tox -e py36-django21-mysql
> So I'm trying this out (finally!) and it seems to want to install all
> the dependencies locally before starting a container. I don't have the
> mysql bits installed, so it fails looking for `mysql_config`. Is this
> supposed to happen or am I Doing It Wrong?

Ok, so on further analysis it looks like this is the designed behaviour:
that when running tox, all the python versions and local dependencies
would live on my laptop directly rather than in a docker container.

If so, I'm not a fan. I am not primarily a web, python, or database
developer and I like having all of that stuff live in an isolated docker
container. I especially like that it's also consistent for everyone who
wants to hack on patchwork - that they can run the full suite of tests
across all the supported versions with nothing more than docker and
docker-compose. tox-docker provides, afaict, no way to do this. (Also,
less universally, I run Ubuntu, not Fedora and getting multiple python
versions is a pain, as you can see from the dockerfiles.)

What's the main problem that you're trying to solve here? Is it that you
have to type 'docker-compose run web --tox -e py36-django21' rather than
just 'tox -e py36-django21'?


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